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Dartmoor, UK


Hello pals.

I love the lads in Slytherin.

I'm in the middle of breathing new life into a Lily slice-of-life I started prior to DH, and making it canon compliant and not obviously-written-by-a-child. I also have several WIPs that I'm going to post once they're done.

Please leave a comment or kudos if you have enjoyed any of my work. I enjoy hearing from you!

I don't have a Twitter or Tumblr or Livejournal or any other newfangled site, but if I can help at all with anything don’t hesitate to get in touch, my email is Joc Sykes at hotmail dot com


Transformative Works Policy
You need not ask my permission to podfic, translate, create any kind of art/cake/topiary or write secondary/sequel fanworks of my fanworks if you don't make money from it. If the fanwork you would like to use is derived from someone else's fanwork, you may need to seek their permission. Please link back to the work when you post and mark it as being officially related on AO3. If you cannot post to AO3, please send me the link to your publicly-posted work, and I will make an AO3 external bookmark for you. Optional, but I'd love to hear from you - to make new fandom friends or to see if I can help in any way.

If I disappear from fandom for 3 years, the above still applies, and feel free to copy my stuff to other sites so long as the fanwork is attributed to me.