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My pseuds:
Elisabeth Hurst, Leela, leela_cat
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I've written in several fandoms. Although these days it seems to be mostly Adam Lambert and Teen Wolf, with occasional forays back into Harry Potter. Unless my friends prevail upon me, in which case I've been known to write other fandoms and other characters.

I'm leela_cat on DW, IJ, and LJ, and @leela_cat on twitter.

I write slash primarily, but I've also written gen, het, and femmeslash. I also write kink sometimes. So pay attention to the tags and the pairings, if those things matter to you.

Blanket Permission: I give blanket permission (and highly encourage people) to podfic, translate, and/or create art for any of my stories. My only request is that you link back to the original story and give me a link so I can connect to it from my posting.