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Most of the time, this account gets used for podfic, with the occasional text-based fic posted as well. And if you're not into podfic, everything I post doubles as an uber-flail-y fannish rec ('cause if I liked a fic enough to spend my time reading it aloud to an empty room, obviously I like it enough that other people should read it as well). And, you know, you should listen to me reading it, too.

I read fic/listen to podfic in more fandoms than I have fingers. I am working on developing the habit of actually telling all the people whose stuff I've enjoyed how much I enjoyed it (it's hard to shake the years of lurking....) As of August 11th, 2012, I have recorded and posted 400 podfics! The majority of them have yet to be crossposted from my lj (reena-jenkins.livejournal.com) - I always post podfic there first, and then eventually I remember all the other places they should go. I'm not entirely finished fixing all the links that the death of MegaUpload broke, so poke me if there's something that you can't download and I'll move it up to the front of the line.

Blanket Permission Statement
I hardly ever write anything that's more than only vaguely ficcish, so I guess this doesn't help much in regards to podfccing... but if you do find that something I said or wrote and it prompts you to write a fic or record a fic or make some art, feel free to run with it. Just let me know when you're done, so I can oooh and ahhh over you, though. As for podficcing, I am all about the repodding. See something that I performed that you'd like to read, too? Go for it! In fact, I encourage it - my own voice tends to make me drowsy in long stretches, so it would be superfantastic to hear someone else read me a story ^___^ Again, feel free to let me know if we're podfic-twins (like birthday-twins, only we'll share podfics), so I can be generally excited in your direction.