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Hrm. Hullo, I'm E. Not entirely sure what to put out here, as I am a relatively private person. I identify as (mostly) female because that's what my bits are although in my mind I'm actually agender because the concept of gender itself really just doesn't mean anything to me. I'm coming to terms with being aromantic and possibly pansexual, and I like to write about peen. Lots and lots (and lots) of peen! Focus is on BBC Sherlock at the moment, with my main man Lestrade as the centrepiece. So yeah, sit back and enjoy my smutty scribblins'. Happy to have ya here and all...

Oh, I do have a tumblr, so if you'd like to stop by, you'll find me at ''. I like bats and cephalopods and otters and other critters, so you'll get pics of those as well as participation in the occasional Penis Friday. I've recently added a 'donate' button on my tumblr in response to a request, so if you'd like to show appreciation in a monetary fashion, you may. But that is completely up to my lovely readers - positive comments on my stories always act as quite the motivation!

Ta muchly!