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Blushing Boys and Sugar Packets

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            After passing all of their classes for the year, Kurt and Blaine spent almost every day of summer vacation together. Also that summer, Blaine made the decision to transfer to Dalton to spend the rest of high school with his boyfriend. Many of his credits transferred over as sophomore level and he took placement tests which qualified him for junior status.

            Over the next two years they had many happy moments and some bad ones but they worked through them. Eventually they graduated together and moved to New York for the fall.

            Kurt attended NYADA for musical theater while Blaine attended NYU Tisch for performance studies. After his bachelor’s, Blaine enrolled in the master’s program for theater writing.

            After they graduated from their undergrad programs, they flew back to Ohio to spend time with their families. During a trip to the Lima Bean, Blaine bent down on one knee and proposed to Kurt. They got married the following August becoming Kurt and Blaine Anderson-Hummel.

            While Blaine attended grad school, Kurt had small roles on and off Broadway. During his last semester, Blaine wrote a musical starring a countertenor, cleverly titled “Teenage Dream”, which got picked up by Broadway producers. This was Kurt’s breakout role and they both won Tonys for it.

            Soon after that their first child was born (Rachel was the surrogate) and named him Fettuccine Alfredo “Little Feta”. Eventually they had three children in total; there was a girl named Elizabeth “Lizzie” Pamela and another boy named Devon Burt “Little Burt”. All became very famous within the arts community and had very successful careers and lives.

Feta became a renowned painter. While in London delivering a painting to King Will and Queen Kate he fell in love with their youngest son, Harry, who was same age as Feta. This made a certain dad ecstatic (besides the normal amount).

Lizzie was an alternative rock singer and guitar/piano player. She married her childhood sweetheart, and band’s drummer, Alex Gilbert-Smith.

Burt became one of the top Hollywood actors. His most famous role was his own father, Blaine, in a biopic about his parents’ lives. His wife, named Emily Wilde, played Rachel in the film. They, along with Kurt and Blaine, were a major Hollywood power couple for many decades.

            Kurt and Blaine retired at the ages of 81 and 82; they wanted to go longer but their children and some grandchildren stopped them. Their love for each other never, ever ended.