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BirdFist Oneshots: The First of a new Ship

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"We need to talk." 

Tokoyami, who was able to slip away from Kinoko Komori and a slightly jealous Shihai Kuroiro after promising Kinoko that he'll get "scandalous" photos of Hawks, was not prepared to hear those words from Neito Monoma of all people. Thankfully, or unfortunately depending on what Monoma planned to do to Tokoyami, they weren't with everyone else in the lobby. Instead, they were next to Tokoyami's room where Tokoyami was about to go in and find photos of any kind to appease Kinoko, and was unexpectedly halted by Monoma.

"... Why?"

As Tokoyami asked that question, he was unsettled by Monoma's lack of, well, yelling about how Class 1B will destroy Class 1A in some way or another. Instead Monoma was smiling but not in the condescending way, but in a bizarrely friendly way. What Monoma responded with however would chill Tokoyami to the very bone.

"When did you and Kendo become a couple?"

 Crap, thought Tokoyami, already starting to get a cold sweat at the realization that Kendo's plan to keep their relationship secret just went kaput thanks to the one guy both of them did not want to know about. To put it in Kendo's words: "Look, if it comes out to both of our classes that we're together, it's imperative that Monoma does not find out. If he finds out, I don't think even I can keep his actions in check." To be honest though, Tokoyami had no idea what made Kendo so unnerved the idea of revealing their relationship to both classes. Heck, Tokoyami was actually losing sleep at night, trying to find a way to persuade Kendo that they shouldn't keep their sealed up as if it was a can of worms... though to be fair, Monoma was a major obstacle in Tokoyami's plans.

"... Since in the Villian raid at the camp."

"Well good, I'm glad you both have someone to care for." 

Tokoyami, was starting to get the feeling that, maybe, just maybe, Monoma was actually sincere when he said that. There was no smirk, no condescending eyebrow raise, not even a snort or snicker. Monoma actually looked serious about what he just said and because of that, it unsettled Tokoyami way more than it should have.

"Thanks? But how did you find out?"

"I saw Kendo and you together after the Beauty Contest."

"Prove it."

At this point, Tokoyami's mind was going crazy with escape plans to keep Monoma from spilling the beans cause he knew that Monoma had proof, he was just trying to stall until he came up with a plan.

Think, think, think! Would he accept bribery? If I unleashed Dark Shadow, would that be enough to intimdi- NO! I'm a hero darn it, and no hero should use intimidation for situations like this! Tokoyami's thoughts were then interrupted by Monoma's response.



"Heh, don't worry, I found it a lovely line as well."

"Now you're just mocking me."

"Believe me, if I was mocking you. You would notice."

He's not wrong .

Quiet Dark Shadow!

Oh come on! We both know he's telling the truth, and honestly, you have to admit it's pretty refreshing to know that you can talk to someone about your relationship with Kendo to someone.

Maybe, but it's Monoma! Also, what about Aizawa-sensei? He knows, but you don't see me or Kendo talking to him about our relationship.

Because we all know he probably wouldn't give you good advice.

"Heh, true enough."

Tokoyami then opened his eyes and quietly cursed upon his realization that a) he was ignoring Monoma for the last minute while having an argument with Dark Shadow, and b) he said that last part out loud. Monoma, however, didn't seem to be bothered by whatever was going on in front of him.

"Are you done with whatever's going on in your head?"


"Splendid! Now listen up, if you're wondering what I want, it's simple. I want you to go downstairs, and take the initiative. Even more simply, I want you to reveal to Class 1A that you're together."

"What!? Why, would I... wait, you mentioned revealing this to my class, but what about your's?"

"Because my class already knows about your "secret" relationship. Heck, they knew before I did."

"... How do you know this?"

"Well, before I saw you two after the Beauty Contest, I was looking for Kendo so I could apologize about me berating her for failing to take first place in the Beauty Contest. By the time I found her, you were getting mobbed by those fans of yours an-"

"They were NOT my fans."

"... good to know. Anyway, so then I saw her do that intimidating battle cry and that's when I knew that you were together, because as much as she cares for us, she has never gone that far for any of us and I doubt she would've. So when I came back to tell the others, all I said was your name, and they pretty much flipped out trying to cover up your little love life."

Tokoyami blinked, then realising that Monoma still had not explained what he wanted from Tokoyami. As if reading his mind, Monoma continued.

"If you're wondering what I want, well, this may sound crazy, but I need you two to reveal your relationship to both our classes. Believe it or not, I'm feeling quite guilty making Kendo and the rest of our class basically sacrifice not just their dignity but also their health to keep the secret from me. So, here's what I want you to do..."

To Be Continued...