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Tear Me Apart

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“Nah, dude, I haven’t seen him,” Ryan lies into the phone, looking up at Justin and shrugging. Ricky says something and Ryan sighs, shaking his head. “Why, what’s going on?”

Ryan listens as Ricky speaks and so does Justin, though he can’t hear anything more than garbled words that remind him of the adults in old Charlie Brown cartoons. He’s got no idea what Ricky’s saying to Ryan, but it doesn’t really matter either. He’s sure it’s just Ricky’s ‘poor pitiful me’ version of their breakup, because Justin’s pretty sure Ricky’s not able to tell a story any other way.

As Justin sits there quietly, an idea hits him like a freight train. It’s such a good idea, such an intriguing idea, that he feels himself getting half-hard in the underwear he’d managed to pull up in the aftermath of what they’d just done. If it wouldn’t alert Ryan to the fact that he was absolutely up to no good, he feels like his face would curl into that Grinch smile that stretches up his whole head.

Justin reaches for Ryan where he’s now sitting on the edge of the bed. Ricky’s still talking and Ryan’s responding every now and then noncommittally, lots of ‘mhm’s and ‘yeah’s. Ryan jumps just slightly when Justin starts moving, pulling himself off the bed so that he’s standing in front of him looking down at him expectantly. Ryan looks back at him through his lashes, clearly confused.

“Take off your pants,” Justin whispers, and Ryan rolls his eyes and pulls the phone away from his ear, taps the mute button.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he asks, and Justin laughs.

“I’m talking about the fact that I want to suck your soul out through your dick while Ricky tells you what a terrible boyfriend I am,” he replies casually, shrugging. Ryan’s cheeks go adorably red in response to the comment, but he obliges anyway, pulling his pajama bottoms and underwear down and kicking them off. Before he unmutes the phone, Justin plants a kiss on his lips and smiles devilishly. He raises a finger to his lips to shush him as Ryan taps the button.

“Yeah, I know,” he says quietly, more to Justin than Ricky, but Justin’s sure Ricky doesn’t even actually care what Ryan’s saying at all and can hear him continuing on the other end like nothing happened.

Ryan spreads his legs and Justin kneels between them, looking down at Ryan’s ready and waiting dick. God, he was already excited to do this himself, but seeing how obviously turned on Ryan is over it is going to make it even more fun.

Justin takes Ryan in his hand lightly, smiling when Ryan’s eyes close and his head lolls back. He mumbles another response to Ricky just as Justin’s running his tongue over the tip of his dick and his intended “yeah” comes out with a little whine to it. Justin can hear Ricky questioning him, smiling again at Ryan’s response.

“No. I, uh… I yawned,” he says, smiling down at Justin and rolling his eyes. Ricky seems to take the answer and launches back into speaking, giving Justin the cover he needs to take Ryan into his mouth fully.

Ryan pulls the phone away from his face as a small groan escapes his lips and Justin shakes his head and smiles around Ryan’s dick. He reaches up to push the phone back at Ryan’s face, committed to the game they’re now playing. If Ryan wants it, he’s gonna have to work for it.

Justin tests out a small bob of his head, working Ryan into the back of his throat slowly and pulling back off so that his lips are just around his tip. Ryan bites his lip and closes his eyes, his free hand making its way to Justin’s hair and tangling in it.

Justin smiles to himself again as he starts working Ryan harder, closing his eyes as he falls into the rhythm of it. Ryan’s squirming in no time flat, breathing heavily as he still mumbles responses to Ricky over the phone. Justin can’t really hear Ricky anymore or even concentrate on what Ryan’s saying; all he knows is that Ryan feels just as good in his mouth as he’d felt on his own dick and all he can think about is making him feel good.

It throws Justin completely off his game a minute later when he can suddenly clearly hear Ricky’s voice through the phone, apparently now on speakerphone. His eyes flash up to Ryan’s through his lashes and Ryan’s looking at him smugly, shrugging.

“Fine,” Justin grumbles against Ryan’s dick, shoving it even deeper into his throat. Ryan laughs quietly, his eyes fluttering closed. Justin works it deeper and deeper until it’s pushing his gag reflex with every movement, making his eyes water. Ryan’s squirming even more now, the phone discarded onto the bedside table and both of his hands grasping onto anything of Justin’s they can hold.

Ricky’s still just ranting away wherever he is on the other end of the line, and Justin’s pretty sure he’s accomplished his goal of making Ryan forget he was even on the phone to begin with. He’s not responding to Ricky barely at all anymore and his eyes are closed, his head’s thrown back, his hands holding Justin’s shoulders so hard it hurts. Justin closes his own eyes as he feels Ryan’s orgasm building - his dick’s harder and pulsing in Justin’s mouth now, his breathing more ragged and his grip even tighter than it was a moment before.

“Oh god… oh… fuck,” Ryan groans much too loudly as he comes into the back of Justin’s throat. Justin works him down, neither of them paying attention as Ricky sets off in a new direction on the phone. Obviously he’s heard the noise and obviously he’s mad, but Justin’s pretty sure Ryan’s too fucked out to even realize Ricky’s still speaking and quite frankly Justin himself couldn’t give a damn.

“Ryan, what the fuck?! You’re not even fucking listening to me, are you?” Ricky demands right as Justin pulls Ryan’s dick out of his mouth a few moments later, and he can’t help himself - he laughs out loud. Ricky goes deadly silent as a look up at Ryan tells Justin his eyes are wide and he’s shaking his head.

“You’re… that was Justin, wasn’t it?” Ricky asks, and Justin picks up the phone and stares down at it in his hand. There’s a million things he wants to say - he wants to argue, wants to tell him why he came to Ryan in the first place, but for some reason he can’t manage a word of any of it.

“Yeah,” Ryan says beside him, and Justin looks at him with a raised eyebrow. He’d settled on just hanging up the phone, but apparently Ryan had something to say. “Yeah. He’s been blowing me the whole time you’ve been bitching about how awful he is. It’s funny, the way I see it, he’s not that bad.”

Justin’s eyes go wide and he stifles a laugh as he watches Ryan, genuinely shocked he’d spoken up at all.

“You fucking… you really screwed my fucking boyfriend, Ryan? Seriously?” Ricky demands, and Justin lets out the laugh he’d been holding in.

“Ricky, come on. First of all, you’re the one that decided I’m not your boyfriend anymore. Second of all, I think we all know you’ve already either gotten fucked by or have fucked Chris in the hour since I saw you last. Third, what you heard wasn’t him screwing me. That was happening when you called the first time and he ignored it because my dick was down his throat,” Justin informs him. He knows that the last part isn't technically true, but Ricky doesn’t need to know that.

Ricky huffs, seemingly grasping for something to say. When he doesn’t find it, the line goes dead. Ryan laughs quietly, falling back onto the bed. Justin gets off the floor and flops down beside him, sighing.

“Sorry I dragged you into this shit,” Justin says after a while of staring at the ceiling. “If it makes you feel any better, I really fuckin’ liked having your dick in my mouth.”

Ryan chuckles, reaching until he finds Justin’s hand and intertwines their fingers. The sensation is nice and Justin closes his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it. I kinda like knocking him down a peg. He’ll get over it,” Ryan says quietly. “And I really fuckin’ liked having your dick in my mouth too,” he adds, and Justin laughs with him.

“Just dudes bein’ dudes, suckin’ each other’s dicks as a treat,” Justin says, wiggling his fingers where they’re still locked with Ryan’s.

“Boys will be boys, y’know,” Ryan agrees, making Justin laugh so hard tears fill his eyes. He knows he’s going to have to deal with Ricky and the ramifications of everything that’s just happened - of course he will - but for now, he’s perfectly content to just lay there with Ryan until the sun comes up.