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To tame a ‘broken’ sub

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He walks towards me in a fast paste walk. “Do you remember the green, yellow, red system they taught you in school?” He asks me staring into my eyes.


”Yes, sir.” I whisper out not sure if I like the term or not. “Choose a safe word then darling.” He hums looking towards me expectingly. “Kiwi.” I decide as he hums in agreement. 

“okay, I’m going to continue now.” He gives me a small smile of encouragement. He leaves the room for a split second as I hear him walking down the stairs and come walking back up them soon after. He has a small bag of items that I cannot see. 

“Strip down for me.” He stares intently as I slip off my shirt and pants. I turn around waiting for him to tell me the next move. “Although I live seeing you I only your pretty little panties we have to discard those for the punishment.” He let out a loud sigh and slip them off self-conscious of my figure.

He pulls out a cup of ice, a cock ring along with a butt plug.

I gasp seeing the items afraid of what he has planned. “Bend over the bed princess.” He speaks up with a low voice. I whimper as I slowly bend over still afraid. “I’m gonna put the plug in with no prep okay baby. Then I’m going to play with your pretty little dick. How does that sound.” As he’s talking a moan leaves my mouth anticipating what’s your come.

He picks the plug up holding it in one hand as the other comes up to circle my rim that’s on display. He teasingly circles around it catching me by surprise when he leans down and flicks his tongue over it. I squeak out a squeal jerking forwards causing my cock to run up against the bedsheets and I moan again.

“Don’t move again” Harry demands. He plunges the plug into my hole and I let out a groan surprising myself when i hear my voice yell “Daddy!” My eyes widen at the sudden outburst and Harry laughs lightly. “I quite like that.” I can hear the smirk in his voice knowing he got me.

“Turn around love.” He tells me. I slowly turn around and scoot up to the middle of the bed. Harry climbs up on it too bringing the items with him. His hand trails down from my nipples twisting them and licking them down to my cock. He plays with the tip tapping it making the bundle of nerves tingle.

“Daddyyyyy” I moan out figuring what’s done is done. He makes his way to my balls bring his mouth down licking them and fondling with them. By now my cock is fully erect and standing straight up I can now see that Harry does I fact have a smirk laying across his lips. With a satisfied hum he slides the cock ring onto me.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to play with yourself then whenever you feel like your going to cum your going to stick your cock in the ice water.” Tears start leaking out of my eyes as I imagine the pain it’s going to bring me. “Yes daddy” I sniffle out the reply.

He pulls my chin up making me face him and leans in. The kiss is soft and slow almost reassuring. He wipes the tears and ruffles my hair. “Go on baby it’s your punishment.” He reminds me once again.

I bring my hand up to my cock working it up and down at a steady pace. “Go faster.” Daddy says. I work up spread going faster as I feel the familiar feeling in my stomach signaling I’m going to cum. “Daddy please!” I beg him hoping that somehow he would change his mind. He shakes his head no giving me a disappointed look as he holds out his hand.

I take the water from daddy’s hand and sit up on my knees stuffing my cock into the ice water feeling the coldness around my cock I let my tears flow freely now. Daddy pats my back and takes my cock out of the ice water drying it off with a towel I didn’t know he had. He takes the cock ring off and takes the cup of ice water from my hand setting it o the dresser across the room along with the other couple of items we had used.

“Scoot back up tot he top of the bed darling so we can snuggle up together.” I hear him say softly. I do as he tells me and he climbs in the bed next to me covering us both up. “sweet dreams baby boy.” He kisses my lips lightly. “Sweet dreams daddy.”