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Do it for me

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Taehyung groaned as he rubbed his eyes harshly, adjusting his sight from the light that was entering his bedroom window. He took time processing what was going on and rummaged through his bundled sheets for his phone to check for the time. Oh, shit. Shit it was 10 o’clock.


Taehyung’s first day of classes was supposed to be today, but he guessed that his first day would be tomorrow. It does not matter going to classes anyway. Professors usually oriented their students of class rules and requirements which were considered as a boring task for Taehyung.


Besides, Jimin will take care of that.


He got out of his bed, not bothering fixing his sheets. He thought that fixing his bed is a waste of time since he would return to his bed and ruin the sheets again in the night. He managed to go quickly inside the kitchen and rummage through his cupboard, and he saw the thing he was looking for. The delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare meal of his day-




Throughout his twenty-two years of existence in this world, Taehyung considered ramen as his favorite food because it was so very easy to cook. He hummed happily as he started boiling water in his mini pot, turning the electric stove on its maximum setting. The faster it cooks, the faster he eats. He delved into his personal refrigerator, hoping that he would find other ingredients for the noodles.


Today, he officially declared, it was his lucky day as he spotted an egg. He quickly grabbed it and added it to his noodles before it cooks. When the noodles were cooked, he brought out the kimchi his mother had prepared for him. He was consuming little by little for it to last for about two weeks.


He sat on the floor and started to slurp some noodles. Even though it was still hot, it did not matter to him, his tummy was grumbling so much that he thinks his stomach is already eating his small intestines. Just kidding, of course. He picked up his phone where he left it and saw a total of ten missed calls from the one and the only Park Jimin. He was so surprised that his eyes went wide. He did not know that Jimin would be furious to him, missing his first class.


He scanned through his phone as he become more anxious, he felt the rage of Jimin. In fact, it was not only missed calls but also text messages. He opened it one by one, knowing that Jimin was the only one who would do this.


Jiminie<3: Good morning bastard, are you up?

Sent 6:30am


Jiminie<3: Hey! Are you up? You will be late for your classes!!!

Sent 6:45am

Jiminie<3: Hey! Pick up your damn phone!

Sent 6:50am


Jiminie<3: T

Jiminie<3: A

Jiminie<3: E

Sent 6:53am


Jiminie<3: W

Jiminie<3: A

Jiminie<3: K

Jiminie<3: E

Jiminie<3: T

Jiminie<3: F

Jiminie<3: U

Jiminie<3: P

Jiminie<3: !!!!

Sent 6:55 am


LoadAdvisory: Your current postpaid plan has been cut off. Please settle paying your balance immediately. If payment has been made please disregard this message. Thank you.

Sent 7:00am


He groaned when he realized, he forgot to pay for his phone bill.


That was the last message Jimin sent to him. It seems like the boy has classes at 7:00 am because he stopped messaging Taehyung. They were on the same course and fortunately same class section, but Jimin was a hardworking student. A hardworking student that took extra classes in the morning to learn a different language. He was not sure if it were Japanese or French.


His first and last class was supposed to be at 9 o’ clock until 12 o’ clock in the afternoon for this day. Usually, during Mondays, they do not have classes that is why Jimin chose to take extra classes to make Mondays worth it. Taehyung was too lazy for that.


Jimin checked on his phone as his second class was dismissed early, using only one hour of the allotted time. The class that Taehyung was supposed to be in. He sighed hopelessly. He should have wakened Tae up before he went to his language class. He knew that the younger, in terms of few months, has a great tendency to sleep on his alarm. He was sure that the younger is till asleep in his bed. He ruffled his hair in annoyance, and he was walking fast so that he could arrive to the parking lot quickly to get to Tae’s dorm.


As he was making a right turn, a young man who was seemed to be preoccupied, tripped. On the man’s reflex, he grabbed onto Jimin’s coat, causing them both to fall. The man on the top of Jimin. The man quickly gained composure and stood up. He offered his hands to help Jimin up in which the Jimin accepted. Jimin was busy removing some dirt on his coat, and the boy nervously offered his help.


“I am so sorry, Mister.” The boy apologized, bowing his head nervously, biting his lips with his bunny teeth.


Jimin was observing the boy meticulously. The boy was cute. The boy was wearing a cute, mustard, oversized long sleeves, and it was tucked in his skinny, denim jeans. The boy seems to be younger compared to him.


The boy started muttering a series of apologies to the other. Jimin was also helping the other pick up some papers that fell on the floor. He handed it to the boy as the younger blushed as he adjusted his glasses.


Jimin smiled to him brightly, even though he knew that his butt would have a bruise later, the younger repaid with a cute bunny smile that showed his dimples.


“I am so sorry Mister,” the younger repeated for the last time. He, now, realized that he did not know the other’s name, “I am sorry again but can I ask for your name?” the younger questioned to Jimin innocently. Deep inside the younger was mentally killing himself, ashamed. Wow, smooth the boy muttered to himself. Jimin chuckled, not bothering to hold his laughter.


“I am Park Jimin.” The stunning man replied as he extended his hands to the boy.


Park Jimin? Park Jimin as in the famous model that he followed in different social media platforms? The boy gulped nervously as he saw Jimin extended his hands motioning a handshake. He accepted the offer as he shook the man’s hand with sweaty palms.


“I am J-Jeon Jungkook.” He replied nervously.


“And I am your b-biggest fan.” Jungkook replied mindlessly as he grasped the other’s hand too tightly. Jimin giggled again.


“I think Gukkie has hurt me.” Jimin acted as he rubbed on his butt.


“I am so sorry Jimin-hyung.” Jungkook apologized, he did not know what to do or how to comfort the elder.


“Can I buy an ice for you to put on your bottom?” Jungkook suggested.


“My friend’s dorm is near the campus. You can accompany me to his apartment.” Jimin replied.


Jungkook was having second thoughts whether he will agree or not since he still have some classes to attend to, but he chose the latter.


“I am sorry, hyung, but I still have some classes to attend to.” He apologized, guilty of reject Jimin’s offer.


Jimin understood it. “I guess it cannot be helped. Do not worry, my Gukkie, it is alright.” He said to the younger who seemed to be guilty.


Jungkook checked on his watch, and he was surprised when he saw that he was already five minutes late for the next class.


“I am sorry hyung, but I have to go to my next class.” He regretfully said, but he thought of idea. Idea that can repay the inconvenience he caused to Jimin.


“Can I take to you to coffee shop later?” He mindless asked. Jimin chuckled by the younger’s boldness.


“Hm… I do not usually accept offers from strangers, but since I know your name already. I might consider it.” Jimin said.


“Can I get your number?” Wow. Just wow, Jungkook. You are being bold today, huh? he mindlessly thought. Fuck being poor and not having a phone. He will deal with it later. Jimin confidently took his hands and started to write on his left hand with a ball pen he got from his pocket.


“Okay Gukkie, I will expect for your call.” He wriggled his eyebrows and started to walk out of the scene, leaving Jungkook stunned in his spot, still processing the scene.


“And one more thing can I bring my friend?” Jimin asked the younger which quickly nodded to him.


“I volunteer to wash your clothes since I was the one who messed up with it.” Jungkook proposed and Jimin accepted it.


“Okay.” He replied as he took off his coat and handed it Jungkook. Jimin started to wwalk away from the scene, leaving Jungkook stunned.


“Hey watch it.” A lady bumped into him because he cannot believe himself for his extreme boldness. He froze in his spot, not able to move. He remained still for a minute, and eventually hit him that he got Jimin’s number in his hands. He happily went to his class, even though he was fifteen minutes late, looking on his hands where Jimin wrote his number.


He will just have to ask Yoongi to let him borrow his phone since he did not own one, and he decided that he will just handwash Jimin’s coat since laundry services inside the campus were expensive.




Jimin was rushing to Tae’s apartment. He was practically banging on the Tae’s door.


“Wait a minute.” Taehyung replied as he wrapped himself in a bathrobe to cover himself. He nervously opened the door and Jimin barged inside small room, wearing an angered expression.


“What the hell Tae! You missed your first day of classes.” He muttered angrily to the other which seems to be also anxious from his mistake.


“Calm down, Minnie.” Taehyung gently said as he rubbed soothing circles in Jimin’s back.


Yes, this was his plan.


“How can I calm down? Huh? you know what I have gone through just to get the attendance sheet from Mina?” Jimin replied angrily to the other. Taehyung’s eyes lit up and showed his big, boxy smile to the other when he heard that Jimin signed his attendance for him.


“You signed the attendance for me?” Taehyung replied brightly to the other.


Jimin did not answer him and did not paid attention to him. Instead, he started opening the pot that was filled with leftover ramen noodles that Tae did not eat.


“I love you Minnie.” He said, kissing his lips gently even though his mouth is full of the noodles.

“Tae, I am eating.” Jimin tried resisting Taehyung, but he failed when he saw the younger pout, showing him his cute, puppy eyes.


Jimin groaned as he gulped the noodles. He returned the younger’s kiss heatedly, not bothering even though they were in the kitchen. Who cares anyways?


Taehyung whined when he realized that he cannot let his tongue enter Jimin’s mouth. The other laughed teasingly to Tae.


“Patience, baby.” He muttered.


He engulfed the other’s warm lips as he set the pace for the both of them. Tae let out a content sigh when he felt Jimin’s tongue glided to his lips, asking for a permission to enter. The younger willingly complied, opening his mouth slightly that earned a chuckle from the other.


“Always so eager when it comes to me huh?” The older detached his lips from Tae which earned a high pitch whine again from him. Tae had a habit of whining when things do not get on his way.


“Please Minnie.” He begged, disappointed. He received a harsh slap on his butt that he was sure will get red from the impact.


“I think Minnie is not the correct way to call me.” Jimin said to the younger.


“Sorry, Sir.” He replied, correcting himself.


“What does my good boy want?” The other questioned teasingly. He always had fun teasing Tae on times like this.


“I want Sir to kiss me roughly, let his tongue explore every corners of my mouth.” Taehyung replied unthinkingly.


Jimin gladly complied when he heard the response. He roughly kissed the younger’s lips, letting his tongue glide to the lip, asking for entrance. When the other did not comply, he bit his lip, earning a moan from the other. He tasted blood as he entered his tongue on the other’s mouth, exploring every corner of it, making sure he marked all of his territories.

He guided Tae towards the messy bed. They slumped into the bed, their mouths continuing to crash onto each other, kissing each other messily, exchanging saliva, moaning with ecstasy. He quickly positioned Tae comfortably, with his head on his favorite pillow. Jimin climbed on top of the other and reconnected their lips hungrily. Tae’s lips were already swollen from continuous sucking and biting. Their tongues fighting over dominance in which Jimin always won. Both of them moaned and rubbed their bodies together, following the own rhythm of their bodies.


Jimin began sliding himself lower as he felt the other’s bulge starting to become more noticeable from their heated kissing. Jimin dragged himself lower until he detangled the ribbon on Tae’s robe using his teeth. Taehyung whined as he felt the elder untied his robe. Jimin grinned when he found out that Taehyung was wearing a pink, lacey thong that hid almost nothing.


“Naughty.” He muttered and Taehyung earned a harsh smack in his, now, exposed thighs.


“Only naughty for you.” He smiled as he adjusted his head to get a better view of Jimin who was now kneeling on the carpeted floor beside his bed, admiring the sight in front of him. He expertly hooked his index finger on the string of the thong, causing the thong to adjust on the side, the rough lace fabric rubbing on Tae’s sensitive cock. He moaned from the sudden friction.


“Please, Sir...” Taehyung whined as he got impatient, rubbing his perked nipples to gain some sensation.


“Who told you, you can touch yourself?” Jimin grabbed both of his hands harshly and pinned it over his head.


“I think my good boy became bad. Huh?” Jimin said, eyes glared at Tae who was deeply submerged in the scene.


“Answer me.”


“No Sir! ‘m sorry!” Taehyung exclaimed.


“Sir is gonna tie up your arms. Is that okay?”


“Yes, sir.” Taehyung answered as he heard Jimin unbuckling his belt. His assumption was correct when he felt the leather tied on his arms.


“Color?” Jimin asked.




“Can you be a good boy for Sir?” Jimin asked Taehyung who was frozen his arms over his head. His skin was exposed since his bathrobe was untied but not completely removed.


“Yes, sir.”


“I think Sir needs a good boy to suck my cock.” Jimin said.


“’m the good boy.” Taehyung hurriedly offered.


“That’s my good boy.”


 Taehyung hurriedly slid off the bed when he heard his Sir. Jimin unbuckled his restraints first and removed the robe. Tae quickly placed his arms behind his back his sir to out the restraints back on. His whole body was currently exposed his body, his golden skin glowed naturally, his silver, wavy locks started to get damp, his sweat glistening as his body slowly became hot.


He pushed Jimin on the floor, winning the top spot.


He started taking Jimin’s pants off, unbuckling the belt, removing the button, opening the ply with his teeth. He felt Jimin’s clothed clock and nosed on it. His sir is watching him intently.


He stood up and sat on Tae’s bed, spreading his legs wide open. The younger crawled towards him and placed himself between the other’s legs. Jimin made sure to remove his pants while positioning himself on the bed so that it will be easier for the younger. Taehyung kneeled on the between him, nosing his clothed cock again. He slowly tugged the garter of the waistband of Jimin’s underwear using his teeth, exposing a fully erect cock on his face. Jimin was seriously turned on as Taehyung slowly pulled his underwear off only reaching his knees. He checked for the others clothed cock which was currently leaking. He made sure to take care of it later.


Taehyung licked the tip of Jimin’s shaft which was starting to drip from precum. He licked it off exaggeratedly which earned a moan. He soon licked a bulging vein, swirling his tongue expertly. He teasingly sucked the cock but pulled back with only half of it in his mouth and began to swirling his tongue on the tip.


“Such a tease.” He said while grabbing on the other’s silver locks. He controlled Tae’s head, asserting his dominance over the other. He made sure that he was setting up the pace, considering the other’s limits. Taehyung engulfed the other’s cock fully and pulled back slowly. Jimin slowly quickened their pace and Taehyung moaned as he felt the other’s cock twitching. He circled his tongue on the shaft, exploring every corner of it as he made an obscene pop sound every time the older the older pulled him back.


In no time, Taehyung was choking on Jimin’s cock, not able to follow the other’s pace. He loved it when his Sir was rough on him. His eyes began to water as his tears started to flow down his cheeks. His sir’s cock reached the back of his throat. He moaned when he felt that his sir was fucking on his mouth harshly in a way that he was not able to breathe.


He felt his sir’s stomach clenching and in no time his sir pulled his head back, shooting his cum on his face. Taehyung opened his mouth to accept his sir’s cum.


Jimin slammed his cock back on Taehyung’s throat, not able to control himself from Tae’s puppy eyes. He was starting to lose control from himself. He returned to his consciousness when he felt two taps from the other in his legs. Two taps. He hurriedly took his cock off Tae’s mouth.


Two taps means orange in case of these kind of situation where Tae cannot talk.


He hurriedly asked Tae. “Color?”


“Orange.” The other said.


“Cannot breathe.” He said not bothering of being asked since he knew that his sir will be worried.


“Go slowly.”


Jimin stopped and waited for Tae’s breathing to become regular. When he saw Tae’s breathing become regular, he combed to other’s silver locks which were getting in a way of his face. The younger looked dismayed when Jimin pressed a kiss on his forehead.


“Want sir to continue.” He said.


Jimin did not seem to hear it as he carried Tae who was currently kneeling on the carpeted floor to his own bed. He positioned Tae so he was lying comfortably.


Taehyung looked confused when he felt he was carried by his sir. He was surprised when he felt his sir’s hand on clothed cock, tracing it slowly, rubbing it softly. He let out a long moan, turned on. Jimin sat facing Tae. He pulled Tae’s arms and positioned the other on his between his leg. The other was turned on, he started grinding on his sir’s thigh, throwing his head back as he felt some friction, the lacy thong doing its job. Jimin wrapped his hands around him and started pumping him.


His stomach started clenching, signifying his close to his release.


“Cum for me.” His sir urged him that put him on edge, moaning. Jimin continued to pump up his cock as he emptied his load on Jimin’s hand. Jimin got some tissues in the bedside table and wiped his hands with it.


Taehyung was on his bliss, Jimin waited for him to be ready.


“Baby, can I clean you up.” Jimin offered him while Taehyung was staring blankly on the ceiling, starting to come down from his pleasure.


Taehyung whined. He does not want to be bothered right now. He hid his head on a pillow to reject Jimin’s offer.


“But baby, we need to clean you up.” Jimin did not get any response.


“Please. Baby?”


“’m tired.” Taehyung said.


“You do not need to move. I’ll just carry you to the bathroom. Let us shower. Hm?” Jimin said to him when he saw the younger nodded, he carried the other to the bathroom and they showered together.


“Want me to help you with your clothes?” Jimin proposed, Taehyung was now feeling okay after the shower.


“No thanks.” He declined the offer as he went to his closet.


He smiled as he remembered how considerate Jimin was. It was true that Jimin was his best friend but also he was his boyfriend since their freshman year. They were now in their junior year, but none of it changed since they got together. He picked out comfier clothes, wearing an oversized hoodie and jogging pants. Jimin was busy changing into his clothes that he left in Tae’s apartment.


“By the way Tae, you want to join us?” Jimin questioned.




“I mean Jungkook and I will meet at a coffee shop nearby. You want to join?”


“Who is Jungkook?” Taehyung questioned.


“The boy who left a bruise on my butt.” Jimin jokingly explained.

“Just joking, I met him a while ago and he bumped on me that is why I have a bruise on my bottom. He offered me a coffee for the inconvenience he caused and he got my contact number.” Jimin explained.


“You gave him your number?” Taehyung exclaimed.


“Yeah, I think he is a good guy, cute and he said he was a fan of me.”


“And I think you will like to meet him also.” Jimin added as he grinned.