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Caught in the Middle

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6 months later



It had been an eventful 6 months, franky and bea had recovered well, bea only had a little stiffness in her leg when it was really cold and allie found a special oil that she had ordered from thailand to help with it and it worked great, allie would also massage her thigh if needed which she secretly loved as did bea



The cake business had done so well that they quickly opened up another one which was now being run by maxine and liz. allie and debbie would go back and forth to both shops but they were both running so well that they had quite a bit of spare time so they would either annoy bea at work or just hang out together, at times they would help franky at her restaurant when she got really busy, debbie more so than allie so she would go to bea's shop and just perve at her while she worked, everytime bea looked over at allie the blonde was checking out her ass and would blow her a kiss and smile 



since the ordeal with joan every single one of them entered therapy, they all had there own issues from being involved directly to guilt from not being able to protect there family, allie had it the worst as she had quite a few nightmares for the first 3 months and than eventually she agreed to go to therapy after a big fight with bea. bea didnt want to push her but allie was falling into depression due to non sleep, allie was very thankful that bea had supported her through it all and they had never been more in love



Today was bea's birthday and she didnt really want to do anything, when allie asked why, she answered saying that the last year had been crazy and she just wanted a quiet night at home with her woman and the kids, well debbie and shane werent kids but they were as well. Allie was happy to comply but needed to do a little something for bea



The redhead was at work and had just finished a client and sent them on there way, she was leaning against the front counter talking to maxine who came into help today when the door opened, maxine saw it and nodded towards the door, bea turned around and gasped, allie was standing there with the biggest bunch of flowers, balloons and a huge teddy bear



'happy birthday babe



'allie, this is all for me?



'of course it is, i know you didnt want to do anything big but i have to celebrate the best day in the world, the day you were born...... bea blushed, could this woman be any more fucking sexy right now, she giggled when allie squealed



'babe help please



'hold on a minute.... bea took the flowers and balloons and put them on the table, maxine grabbed the teddy bear for her



'thank you, oh wait i gotta get something from debbie..... allie ran out and went to the cake shop which was a minute away and returned with debbie, boomer, shane franky and bridget



'hey what are you all doing here?



'happy birthday red..... they all hugged the redhead and handed over presents



'thanks guys



'i hope you dont mind babe but i invited them to have some pizza and cake for lunch.... bea smiled and kissed the blonde 



'your perfect allie, so very perfect..... it was allie's time to blush and she kissed the redhead, the door opened and in walked liz with kaz and will carrying pizza



'anyone hungry?



'starving.... debbie and allie said at the same time causing them all to laugh, bea closed the shop and walked over to maxine



'when is our next appointment?



'i made sure not do make any for the next 3 hours so you can enjoy yourself



'thanks maxi



'go sit with your girl.... bea went over to allie and sat in her lap picking up a piece of pizza



'thank you baby, i know i didnt want to do anything big but this is perfect, you know me too well



'i sure do, i just want you to be happy



'you make me happy allie, i love you so much



'i love you to beautiful girl..... they enjoyed there pizza and than sat around talking and laughing, all of them bursting out laughing when allie and debbie thought it would be a great idea when they tried to do cart wheels in the shop, debbie did not too bad but allie was taller so she ended up kicking 2 tables and than falling near the basins causing the water to splash all over her, bea spat her drink out and they all had a good laugh



'oh fuck allie are you okay?



'ugh im fine babe, my ego is damaged thou.... bea helped allie up and looked into her eyes  'stop laughing bea



'im not, look im really trying not too laugh...bea said giggling, she wrapped her arms around the blonde and kissed her



'i have a boo boo.... allie frowned and showed bea her finger which had a little cut and a little blood 



'aww baby, come on lets get you a bandaid..... they went to the backroom   'sit down baby i will get the first aid kit.... bea pulled it out, she cleaned the cut and put a bandaid on it than kissed it






'much better thank you, but i would rather a kiss here..... allie tapped her lips and bea kissed her lips, allie pulled bea to straddle her lap and there hands were all over each other, allie's hands went under bea's shirt and squeezed her breasts causing the redhead to moan into the kiss, allie's lips went to her neck sucking and licking at her pulse



'fuck that feels good allie



'i want you so much right now.... they got really hot and heavy till there was banging on the door



'hey red, stop fucking and get back out here.... allie laughed as bea blushed



'she always find a way to embarrass me... bea groaned



'she loves it, you blush so easily babe



'i cant help it, i guess we should go back out



'yes we should, need to cut your cake



'what one did you get?



'vanilla sponge with custard and fruit



'yum.... they walked out and bea sat down while allie got the cake ready, they sang happy birthday and bea blew out the candles, they enjoyed cake together ans spend another hour in each others company than they all left except allie



'so what does my girl want for dinner tonight? 



'hmm crumbed chicken with mash and mushroom sauce



'and garlic bread?



'oh yes please



'anything you want babe, im going to go do some shopping do we need anything?



'yes actually, i have a list in my phone



'well text it to me and i will get it all



'are you sure? its a big list



'of course babe



'ok im sending it to you now



'cool, alright i have to head off, i will see you at home in a few hours



'okay, drive safe baby



'you too..... they kissed and allie went to walk off but bea stopped her



'wait allie can you take the teddy for me please?



'sure babe..... allie walked out and left to go shopping, she did all the shopping and arrived home packing it all away, she prepared dinner and put it in the fridge to cook later on



'rolley come and eat buddy.... she fed the little dog and than cleaned up the house, there wasnt much to do thanks to her ocd girlfriend but they were in a hurry that morning so tidied up. her phone rang and she answered seeing it was debbie



'hey deb what you doing?



'just making the order for the next delivery, is there anything that we need for the shop?



'yes, go in the top draw in the office and there is a list there



'okay cool, what sweets do you want me to bring home tonight?



'bring a variety box for all of us to share, you know which your mums likes



'i do indeed, whats for dinner?



'your mum wants crumbed chicken with mash and mushroom sauce as well as garlic bread



'i knew she would say that, its her favorite, shane is picking me up at 6 so we will be home about 6.15



'sounds good deb, see you than



'later player..... allie laughed and hung up, she put her phone on charge and looked at the time. 4.46



'rolley lets go for a walk.... she put his leash on and they went for a walk for 45 minutes, when she arrived home she gave him some water and than washed her hands to start cooking, bea arrived half an hour later and kissed her on her cheek



'hey babe how was the rest of your day?



'busy but good, im glad to be home



'me too, why dont you go have a shower, deb and shane will be home soon and we can have dinner at about 6.30



'ok, i wont be long....... bea had a shower and than allie gave her a beer and told her to relax on the couch which she did so



'hey mum.... debbie said walking in followed by shane



'hey bea



'hey guys



'dinner smells good



'i know right, go get showered than we could eat.... they nodded and walked off, debbie and shane had now been dating for about 9 months and were going well, it was a little hard to decipher the rules bea had put in place but they managed. 2 minutes later allie laid out all the food on the table like a buffet, crumbed chicken, mash potato, salad, garlic bread, mushroom sauce and baked sweet potato



'wow baby it looks amazing, thank you so much



'your welcome, sit down guys.... over dinner they chatted about random things and really enjoyed being in each others company, bea loved this, her family around her for her birthday, it never used to be like that, when harry was around he would make sure to give her a beating to make her regret the day she was born and to a point she did, but than she would look at her beautiful caring amazing daughter and know it was all worth it, the beatings, the rape, all the abuse from him was to protect her daughter, now she knows debbie is not only safe but happy, healthy, has a great boyfriend, has a successful business and just generally enjoys life



shane himself has come such a long way, he finished his online schooling and is now working full time at franky's restaurant as head chef, he is the youngest chef in all of australia dn has featured in 3 magazines for his dishes he created with franky's help, although franky wasnt looking for props at all but just lets shane mention the restaurant which he was stoked to do, he made debbie very happy and most importantly they didnt let there relationship effect themselves moving forward in life, in fact they lifted each other up and helped each other when needed



Bea looks over at allie and wonders how she got so lucky having the blonde in her life has been gods gift that just keeps giving, allie is an amazing woman, beautiful, sweet, adorable, loving and so much more, how bea ended up with such an amazing woman she would never know, allie always looks at her and smiles, smirks, cheekily wriggles her eyebrows, she is never mean to bea or puts hands on her to hurt her, bea feels so loved and looks forward to the future with the blonde woman, she had thought about marriage but after talking to allie they decided it was not the time and maybe in a couple years once thigns have calmed down more so



'hey babe... she felt allie's hand slip into hers and bea shook her head and looked into blue eyes



'hmm sorry, i spaced out



'thats alright, you okay?



im good, just thinking how lucky i am to have you in my life



'i think im the lucky one.... allie replied and smiled



'ahem... debbie couched and bea laughed



'yes yes i am lucky to have you too 



'ahem ahem



'yes you too shane...... they all laughed at the silliness... 'you 2 are impossible



'but you love us



'i do



'good, now presents



'i already got presents from earlier



'have you opened them?



'not yet



'well why dont you and allie sit and relax for a bit whole we clean up and than you can open them all



'okay..... 40 minutes later debbie and shane bought over all of bea's presents, she got a bottle of scotch, her favorite perfume, a pamper pack, a couple massage voucher, a sky diving voucher which she has been wanting to do for ages, she got some clothes, a couple boxes of chocolates, some lingerie which of course came from franky, kaz and will bought her a beautiful white gold watch



'wow i need text everyone a thank you, hold on a minute guys




'hey all, i finally got around to opening all my presents, thank you all so much, i feel really loved xxoo




'okay now thats done its our turn mum



'you guys didnt have to get us anything



'we wanted to, so shane and i bought you this...... she handed over a rectangle jewellery box and bea opened it, there was a necklace with a love heart on it and the inscription said 'best mum ever'



'wow its beautiful, thank you guys



'your welcome mum, we are going to clean up the rubbish and put your presents away.... debbie and shane both knew what allie had for the redhead and knows she was really shy about it so wanted to give them some alone time, allie turned to bea and held her hand



'i know we arent ready for marriage right now bea but i wanted to get you something that signifies my love for you, i want you to know that im here no matter what happens good or bad, she opened up the little box in her hand and bea gasped



'allie.... bea got chocked up



'its a promise ring, i know its probably stupid because were probably too old for this.... bea put her finger over allie's lips so she would stop talking



'baby its beautiful



'so you accept my promise ring? 



'of course i do allie.... allie put the ring on bea's finger



'i promise you my love, my trust, my faithfulness and my heart, i love you babe



'i love you too..... they shared a few kisses till debbie came bounding over and laying on top of them laughing



'i love you both too




'god your trouble, your too heavy deb, too many taste testing at the shop



'ugh im not fat...... allie and bea laughed



'your not but get off you little shit.... allie said and debbie giggled when she rolled off and onto the floor



'alright now all presents are done we have to have dessert 



'what do you have?



'i bought a mixture, boomer made the box up so i havent see it yet



'well bring it out..... debbie put the box in on the table with some plates and folks and opened the box, all 4 of them burst out laughing and rolling ont he floor, every single cake had a icing shaped dick on it, a few had the saying 'strickly dickly' and even 'vagitarian'



'omg i cant even with this chick..... allie said and laughed even harder



'oh shit there are dick shaped cookies and the icing looks like sperm, oh fuck i ask her to do one thing for me and this is what i get.... debbie laughed, boomer was just too fucking funny



'look babe she did put one piece of red velvet cake and it says 'happy birthday lezzo'..... bea giggled and took it into her plate



'it feels so wrong eating these but they look so good, im gonna take a photo and put it in the group chat..... debbie did and sent it to everyone



'This is what you get when you ask boomer for a birthday box for mum..... the messages came in pretty quickly



'thats my boom booms... came from franky



'ay shit they look awesome bea, ya lucky ya got a friend like me..... boomer said



'oh fuck they do look good thou.... from kaz



'oh dear, boomer you had one job...... came from liz and lots more replies came threw, debbie finished off the convosation and put her phone down



'anyways im eating them



'me too.... they all hogged into the deliciousness and whatever was left would be had tomorrow, they headed to bed not long later, laying in bed facing each other they were sharing sweet kisses



'thank you for today



'your not mad i did something?



'not at all, what you did was perfect, not overboard but with the family, i had a great day



'im glad your happy



'i definitely am, now its my turn to make you happy....... bea smiled and rolled on top of allie, they mad love late into the night and falling asleep together 



The world in which bea had been living in was so dark and she thought she would never find the light, but it happened, the blonde bombshell came into her life and she had never been so happy, bea had made a choice that saved her life, now she has a beautiful woman by her side, a beautiful daughter, a son she never thought she would have and so much family and friends, life is good