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Save the Left-Overs

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What a game,” Kazuya laughs as they drop their gear in the genkan. “That last change-up you threw in the 8th was so well-timed and placed.”

I know, I know,” Eijun grins, stuffs his shoes into the shoe rack. They need a bigger one. They meant to buy one ever since Eijun moved in, yet, they somehow haven't made it in over a year to get a new shoe rack.

Kazuya makes a mental note to take Eijun to an interior store the next weekend, like he does every time he notices.

Thank god for the off-season and friendly games. At least I get a reason to play with you again.”

Mmhm,” Eijun agrees, hands already at Kazuya's belt, pulling him forward, down the hallway, towards the bed, lips searching for his as he stumbles backwards.

Not gonna lie,” Kazuya grins, kisses Eijun, short, teasing nips, “I like the effect it has on you.”

Oh please, like you're any different. And have you seen yourself in catcher's gear? You look like--” Eijun breaks off, hands flying everywhere. “Broad and sturdy and in control and – do you have any idea how hard it is not to pop a boner seeing you like that?”

That, Kazuya knows. It makes him hard to watch Eijun pitch, for whatever reason. He grabs Eijun's slim hips with both hands, steers him backwards and pushes him down on the bed, whispers into his ear, “You bet I know how hard it is. Have you seen your ass in your pitching motion? Fuck. Driving me crazy, every time.”

Eijun's ribcage lifts and drops with heavy breaths. “One day, I want to suck you with all your gear still on.”

Ok, then I want to fuck you standing up and bent over, with your uniform still on, and I just get to pull down your pants. And the cap needs to stay on.”

Kazuya's hands fumble with the button of Eijun's pants, pulling them down while he's still talking, pushing the loose shirt that hides Eijun's glorious muscles up.

That's oddly specific,” Eijun taps his chin, tone playful.

Kazuya shifts to kneel in-between Eijun's legs, pulls his belt free and pants down, covers Eijun's body with his own. “And you're oddly unspecific about your kinks.”

We just both admitted to wanting to fuck each other in our baseball uniforms,” Eijun laughs, gasps when Kazuya aligns their dicks, wraps his hand around them and strokes. The friction, so much-needed, is wringing a groan out of both of them.

Isn't that kind of basic for baseball dweebs like us?” Kazuya sighs, buries his face in the nook of Eijun's neck, kisses his pulse point.

Eijun shudders under his touch, fingers clawing into Kazuya's shirt, nails scratching over his back. “Maybe. So, you wanna top or do I get to?”

Don't know about you but I don't think I have the patience,” Kazuya's pace has gotten frantic, fast, and he feels the heat coiling in his lower belly already. “Blame yourself for looking so hot on the mound. Haven't seen that for too long. Now where were we?”

Eijun laughs, bright, pearly, grins as he grabs Kazuya's ass with one hand, covers Kazuya's hand on their cocks with the other. “Of course it's my fault, now, when you just look too damn hot in your sports glasses. And have I talked about your batting stance? Damn.”

Kazuya seals their lips, kisses Eijun open-mouthed and with little licks in-between, is out of words but full of love for Sawamura Eijun and his stupid bangs, his beautiful golden eyes, for the smirk on his lips and the fire in his heart. “You haven't.”

When I saw you in the batting cages in the clubhouse--” he's interrupted by another moan.

You looked a bit shell-shocked there,” Kazuya remembers, breathless.

Eijun pulls his head down, kisses him, mumbles in-between kisses, “It reminded me – of my second year at Seidou – finding you in the indoor training area with everyone else, at batting practice. In hindsight, that was the moment it clicked for me.”

Kazuya can't focus, his heart is too full, his pulse racing as he buries his face in Eijun's neck.

He feels Eijun tense up, mutter a curse under his breath. “Kazuya--”

An extra squeeze, a small twist on the upstroke, and they're there, together, riding the wave, hands and arms slung around each other, rocking together with the aftershocks.

Afterwards, they find their breath and when their eyes lock, Kazuya chuckles. “Got it out of your system?”

Yeah, you too?” Eijun pokes his side and Kazuya squirms off him, ticklish, and Eijun knows that.

It's been a thing, ever since Eijun retired and they only play for fun at a small ballpark in the neighborhood or at the Tiger's stadium. Somehow, playing baseball together is a turn-on for them, and they usually end up in bed as soon as they are home.

They get dressed – not that there's much to re-dress – and put away their gear and dirty clothes, when Eijun says, “Oh, hey, we have a new voice mail.”

Hit it,” Kazuya motions from the kitchen.

You have 1 new message.” The voice of the answering machine says, monotone. “Message 1, received: today, 16:33. – Hello, Miyuki-kun, Sawamura-kun, this is Coach Kataoka from Seidou speaking. Since my Co-Trainer will retire by the end of the year, I am currently looking for training staff with a specific skill set for the bullpen and pitching, as well as scouting. If you two are interested in the positions, please call me back.”

They stare at each other from across the hallway.

It's a perfect opportunity. And we can still do YouTube,” Kazuya throws his thoughts out there, no filters needed with Eijun.

And it's Seidou and we get to work together.”

Their eyes meet again as Eijun hits the replay button.

So the circle closes,” he says after the message, the edges of his lips twitching.

I like that, actually,” Kazuya grins, steps closer to wrap his arms around Eijun's middle. “Go to Seidou with me again, Eijun?”

Eijun's smile is as wide as ever. “I'd go to the end of the world for you, you know.”

You're a sap.”

Suck my dick.”