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Bio!Dad/Mom/Parents AU For Izuku Prompts

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Diego looked at the small bundle in his arms and glanced back at the green haired woman who was fast asleep in the hospital bed.

Meeting Inko Midoria when they were both 16 was something he was happy about. Once he ran away from home, after Ben's death, he couldn't stay any longer in that home.

He took everything he needed and ran away.

Only to get hit by Inko's American friend's car.

After a bit of apologizing and talking Diego found a home in Inko's apartment that she lived with her parents. Her parents accepted him and didn't really care that he was a Hargreeves or an ex member of The Umbrella Academy. 

The two began dating at 19 years old, Diego having followed after Inko and her family when they moved back to Japan. They were living in America for 5 years for a job Inko's father had been hired for.

At 24 years old they got married, the only ones invited to the wedding being Mitsuku and Masaru and a few of Diego's coworkers.

And 2 years later Izuku Hargreeves-Midoria was born.

And now here stood Diego starring at the small tuft of green curls on his son's head and he takes a deep breath.

He was worried of course, on how to a great father when his was a monster to him and his siblings.

He read books, Inko had reassured him that they would both learn.

He sighs and kissed his son's head and vowed to protect him.

He and Inko were there when Izuku had his doctor's appointment. 

"So before we do any tests can you explain what your quirks are?" A pink haired doctor asked the couple as another doctor took Izuku by the hand to be taken for his quirk exam.

"I um... I have projectile manipulation as well as being able to hold my breath for long periods of time," Diego said, although with him having given his name it wouldn't be surprising if the doctor or anyone in Japan to NOT know who he was.

Having a quirkless sister write a book about their childhood and the secrets of their power really wasn't helpful. 

"And I can pull small things towards me," Inko said softly.

"Well we'll see which one he gets as his quirk today," the doctor said with a smile.

After half an hour they got their results. 

"It would seem as if Izuku has both quirks of you both. However, with the telekinesis quirk he can do BOTH pulling and pushing things towards him and away. The projectile manipulation is similar to yours Mr. Hargreeves. However, unlike with metal we threw him a few plastic items and he was able to manipulate the trajectory of where they would land."

Diego and Inko both smiled, Izuku had a quirk. 

Izuku came back smiling excitedly and hugged his parents before they all went home.