LLFL Day 14 Disgusted

Lovely Little Ficlets

Day 14 of Lovely Little Ficlets
Wednesday 14th January 2015

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2015 is the year of Lovely Little Losers!
Flamango(e)s, let’s begin the year as we mean to go on - with a freak-tonne of fanfics! Or art or drabbles or edits or gifs or whatever really.
Board your ship and set sail for NMTD fic challenge glory!
Post fics to the Subcollections!



I think creating subcollections for each prompt is the way to do it (???) But here they all are! (if you do actually have questions though, let me know)

  1. Resolutions
  2. Birds
  3. Breakfast
  4. Introduction
  5. Watching
  6. Makeup
  7. Hypothetically
  8. Crime
  9. Magic
  10. Party
  11. Sleepover
  12. Olives
  13. Family
  14. Disgusted
  15. Clothes
  16. Birthday
  17. Song
  18. Shopping
  19. Letter
  20. Words
  21. Food
  22. Bath
  23. Hero
  24. Pizza
  25. Coffee
  26. Dancing
  27. What Happened at Midnight
  28. Baking
  29. Sigh
  30. Confession
  31. Bleurgh



'Rules' is probably overstating it slightly. This is supposed to be encouraging creativity after all.

  • Stories, drabbles, art, poems, comics, scripts, photos, crafts, anything you can possibly think of are all accepted. No word minimum/limit. Yes, that’s right: NO LIMITS
  • Interpret the prompts however you want - the more creative the better imo!
  • Don’t worry about what you’re posting. I mean, it’s 31 days of continuous fic-ing, it’s not going to be freaking Ulysses.
  • You can use old material if you want or store things up or whatever. Hey, let’s make it easier on ourselves.
  • This Challenge is based on Tumblr but obviously it's fine to post it anywhere. The world must be peopled! (with nmtd fics) If you have a Tumblr account maybe make a post with a link so it can be collected (reblogged) onto the Lovely Little Ficlets page.
  • If posting on Tumblr see this page for suggested headers/tags etc. to make sure it gets seen!

Main Aims: that you enjoy this challenge and that we all benefit from a glorious influx of nmtd fics even if none of us actually complete the 31 days - wait that’s not very positive. I mean which I am sure are going to be magnificent.