2018 Gundam Wing Holiday Gift Exchange

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About 2018 Gundam Wing Holiday Gift Exchange (2018_gw_holiday_gift_exchange)

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Starting in 2018, we've started a hub on AO3 for the annual GW gift exchange. Each year will have a separate sub-collection tied to this one so as to best maintain access to associated works.



2018 Exchange FAQ is available on Tumblr at This Week in Gundam Events



To maintain an element of surprise and avoid premature gift reveals, creators were asked not to share their gift or the identity of their recipient until January 1st! Creators were permitted to post their work online January 1-5. Participation criteria was as follows:

1. Please do your best to work with what your giftee has requested.
2. If you find you are having trouble or need clarification, please contact the mod for help and they will contact the giftee to resolve the problem.
3. Fan Art must be at least 3x5 inches. Both traditional or digital work is welcome! Digital work should be at least 200dpi (300dpi for digital work to be printable). For traditional art, please provide a high-quality image via scan or picture of your gift.
4. Fan Fiction must be at least 800 words. You can of course make it longer should you so choose (or the story gets away from you). Please be considerate and do your best to edit for spelling and grammar. However! ALL works must be COMPLETED WORKS. So if it winds up being a chapter story, you need to have ALL of the chapters completed before the due date.