Bitter Old Fandom Queen’s Rec List

My experience in fandom is older than most people who are IN fandom. I’ve done it all, read it all, seen it all.

Fanfic tropes never die. Characters will always be identified by eye color (why?!) and job. Bodies will always be referred to as “frames”. Characters who aren’t native English speakers won’t use contractions. Very detailed sex scenes will be written by people who have never seen another person naked or had sex of any kind. The word “said” will be woefully underutilized. The content generated by this predominantly female writer base will skew HEAVILY towards m/m and fail Bechdel utterly, even as the writers complain about representation in media. So it has ever been, so it will ever be.

Even so, there are stories that I loved and hope you will also enjoy. Many fandoms. Many pairings. Varied quality, because something doesn’t have to be “good” to be enjoyable.

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