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Baeconandeggs is a fanfic fest and exchange solely for Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun. We hope you enjoy this year's fanfics!

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Welcome to the official Baekyeol fest & exchange!

We encourage you to read and have fun! Please leave comments and refrain from commenting to simply be hateful and hurtful. All of the authors have worked hard to produced their work and overcame many challenges along the way. The mods appreciate the love and support you have given this exchange, but none of this would've been possible without the writers who joined! Without further ado, Baecon & Eggs 2017-2018!



Please click this LINK for our FAQ post.



Prompting Begins................16.10.17
Prompting Ends...................13.11.17
Archives Preview................20.11.17
Exchange Sign-Ups.............20.11.17
Exchange Closing................27.11.17
Claiming Begins...................27.11.17
1st Check-In.........................31.12.17
2nd Check-In........................25.02.18
Final Deadline......................16.04.18

Important Changes / Notes

    ⦿ No self-prompting
    ⦿ No Top/Bottom specifications in prompt submissions (including exchange prompts).
    ⦿ Prompting / Claiming / Sign-ups will be done through Google docs.
    ⦿ Strictly Baek/Yeol. No OT3+ or Polyamorous relationships allowed.

BAE Operation

    ⦿ BAE2018 will be operated as both a fest AND an exchange. Authors will choose how they wish to participate.
    ⦿ For an explanation on what a FEST or EXCHANGE is, please read our google docs explanation [ here ]
    ⦿ Be informed so you can have an idea about what choice you would like to make!
    ⦿ Finished works are to be posted in our AO3 page and fic infos & masterlist on LJ

General Information

    ⦿ BAE operates under Korean Standard time (KST). Deadlines are set on this timezone.
    ⦿ Writers will remain anonymous until reveals.
    ⦿ We do NOT operate through Livejournal's private messages. Contact us through email, twitter or curiouscat. Messages sent on Livejournal and AO3 will be overlooked.
    ⦿ Friendliness is a way of commenting life.
    ⦿ Flaming/hateful comments will not be allowed on any work. If mods find your comment to be unhelpful with the intent to cause emotional harm to the writer (bullying), we reserve the right to delete your comment without explanation or warning.
    ⦿ This post is your warning. Do not be malicious to others (writers, fellow readers, etc). We will not tolerate trolling behavior.

Reader Conduct

    ⦿ Be mindful that all of the works submitted were written by fellow fandom peers on their own free time.
    ⦿ If you encounter problems with a fic that you feel needs to be addressed seriously, do not subtweet the anonymous author or make threads with the purpose of targeting said author. We can assure you that if you come talk to us, the issue will be solved more swiftly.
    ⦿ If you are caught or reported by other users of poor behavior, we will take the initiative to talk to you in private.
    ⦿ Leave comments! Always leave comments. You are not forced to sit down and write an hour-long essay about your likes or dislikes, but leaving a simple comment will make the author's day!
    ⦿ Kudos are great for when you cannot leave a comment immediately! But be sure to leave both kudos and comments as both are greatly appreciated!
    ⦿ Report trolling/mean comments that are not helpful in critiqueing a work. If you feel like the purpose of a comment is to belittle the author with no merit, then let the mods know so we can take care of the issue.
    ⦿ Tweet us your favorite fic! Or interact with us on twitter when we post stories! Authors may be anonymous until reveals, but they can still see your reactions on twitter!

Writer Conduct

    ⦿ Do NOT discuss your prompts or assignments unless to a beta or trusted editor. Keep sharing to a very bare minimum.
    ⦿ Respect your prompter/recipients dislikes (or what they are uncomfortable with).
    ⦿ Understand that you do have creative freedom!
    ⦿ Meet the deadlines and remain in contact with mods!

Entry Requirements

    ⦿ Submissions must be in .docx or text format.
    ⦿ Minimum word requirement is 2,500 words.
    ⦿ All submitted work must be a stand-alone story. It must NOT be part of another series or sequel.
    ⦿ All submitted work must be coherently completed. Do not submit work that is unfinished with plans to continue the story after BAE2018 ends. It must be 100% finished.
    ⦿ Baekhyun/Chanyeol must be the main pairing in all entries.
    ⦿ All entries must be rated and given warnings appropriately.
    ⦿ Proof read your story. Ask a friend or let us help you find a beta.


    ⦿ Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
    ⦿ Claims of plagiarism will be investigated and, if found to be true, the concerned fic shall be purged.
    ⦿ Please do not report a work as "plagiarized" unless there is clear evidence. This is to avoid mod time being wasted.