Blue Christmeth Madness 2013

blue christmeth madness

Yo, bitches, welcome to Blue Christmeth Madness!

For those of you who have done Yuletide Madness, Remix Madness, or Secret Mutant Madness, the format of Blue Christmeth Madness will be familiar to you. For those unfamiliar with the format, here is how it will work:

Here's a link to all of the prompts submitted for Blue Christmeth, sorted by the person who submitted them. You can look through those prompts and use any of them to make an additional gift for the person who requested them. You can use them to make something for a friend, to make something for someone in fandom you admire, or just because you find yourself inspired by the prompt. There's no word count minimum or maximum and no claiming necessary--write whatever you want and upload it to this collection!

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