Gordon and Batman

Collection focused on Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon (or Batman/Jim Gordon) fics. Inspired by (or spun off of) the Livejournal community Now We're Two: The aim is to point to all the works mentioned there, plus any other notable fanfic (or art, vids, other works) for this pairing.

Go on ahead and add any works for this pairing or which have a strong Wayne/Gordon relationship (friends, partners) at the heart of it. Add your own works or bookmarks to the works of others here on AO3 or on other sites.

At the moment the collection is open and is not moderated and it should stay that way provided we don't have any problems. Have questions or suggestions? Contact dailyalice here or comment on posts about this collection at the Now We're Two Livejournal.

Have an idea for a sub-collection or challenge? We're open to those as well.

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