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The Oliver/Felicity Fanfiction Archive is a collection of works for fans of the relationship (friendship or romantic!) between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak from the TV show "Arrow".

SUBMIT YOUR WORK! The archive welcomes ALL submissions, fluffy, angsty, complete, works in progress, friendship or romance... you get the idea. As long as it's Oliver/Felicity, we'll take 'em all. :) Any registered user of AO3 can automatically add their work to this collection - follow the info below.

NEW STORIES: if you would like your story to be included in the archive, please add 'OliverFelicityFic' in the collections field when posting your work. (Or, if you want a shortcut, click the 'Post to Collection' button above - the archive name will be autofilled for you!)

PRE-EXISTING WORKS: if your work is already here on AO3 and you'd like to add it to the archive, edit the applicable story and add 'OliverFelicityFic' in the collections field before pressing save.

If you'd like to contact the archive/collection admin, PM me or email fic[at]

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