Supernatural and J2 Big Bang 2016

Supernatural and J2 Big Bang Challenge of 2016. This Collection will allow fans to link to their 2016 Big Bang fiction, art, podfics, and vids on AO3 for readers to find more easily. This Collection is not part of the Supernatural J2 Big Bang Challenge - it is simply a way for Big Bang participants to tag their works here on AO3.

Creators: Collections are divided by year. You can add your work to the collection when you first post it or add it afterwards (no need to reupload). Go to Story, Edit, scroll down to "Post to Collections/Challenges" and type/copy paste:




You can also access SubCollections by year (2007-2016) by clicking on SubCollections.

Readers: If you are a reader looking for a Big Bang 2016 story, art, or vid, it may be that the author has not yet submitted their work to the collection. Please go to the Intro section on the Master Page for info on how to help.


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