2020 A Paragon of Their Kind Dragon Age Dwarf Exchange

Gold Crown on Dwarven Background

Are you an artist or writer who craves some dwarf-centric content in the Dragon Age fandom? Do you wish you had more fanfiction or fanart to fill that smol paragon shaped hole in your heart? Do you too wish that dwarves were given their proper place at the fandom table (even if, yes, a step stool is required?)

Then may we invite you to plunge into the deep roads with us in the inaugural Paragon of Their Kind Dragon Age Dwarf Exchange. This is an exchange, ran through AO3, that shines a spotlight on our under 5 feet tall friends. Dwarves of any kind - from Cadash, Brosca, and Aeducan to Dagna, Harding, Varric, Sandal, and others are all fair game! Any pairing or grouping can be nominated - as long as it features at least one dwarf.

This exchange is open to ANYONE who wishes to participate and can draw or write ONE piece by the deadline.

(Open, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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