Dark & Wild Fest 2019

Dark & Wild is now over. You're free to claim a prompt and post to the collection as you wish. The mods will no longer be active.

(Open, Unmoderated, Prompt Meme Challenge)

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Dark & Wild is now over! You're free to claim a prompt and post to the collection as you wish.



Hello and welcome to Round 2 of Dark & Wild - the BTS darkfic fest!


Prompt Submission Period: July 14 - July 28*
Prompt Claiming Period: July 29 - August 12*
First Check-In: August 26* (summary of your fic)
Second Check-In: September 23* (minimum 500 words)
Drop-out Deadline: September 23* (last date to leave the fic fest)
Final Deadline: October 25, 2019 (minimum of 2,000 words)
Posting Begins: October 31, 2019

*All deadlines are due at 11:59PM Pago Pago Time (GMT-11).



What is Dark & Wild?

Dark & Wild is a BTS-centric darkfic fest. The purpose of the fest is to explore darker themes in fanfic. Round 1 was an exchange; Round 2 will be a prompt claim. The fest places no limitations on content that can be explored.

This is an anonymous exchange, meaning that fics will be revealed with the authors’ names once all fics have been posted.

What is a prompt claim?

A prompt claim involves two steps. First, participants submit prompts related to the darkfic theme that they would like to see written. Then, once prompt submissions close, participants will claim any prompt from the list on a first come, first serve basis to write a fic for. More details on how claims and submissions work further down.


As this is a darkfic fest, all fic written for the fest is meant to explore darker themes in fiction. There are no limitations to what you can write in this fest. Fanlore defines darkfic as “fan fiction that deals with intentionally disturbing material.” Examples of previous darkfic fests include hp_darkfest and Hydra Trash Party, as well as Round 1 of the Dark & Wild Fest.

However, for this same reason, a very strict rule and guideline of this fest is that all fic must be properly tagged for any and all applicable warnings or triggers. Failure to do so will result in the immediate removal of your fic from the fest as well as a permanent ban from all future rounds of the fest.

Contact the Mods

Please feel free to contact the mods with any questions, suggestions, or comments. Mods will get back to you ASAP.

Our email is darkandwildfest@gmail.com and we can also be found on twitter and tumblr.



AO3 Account

Dark and Wild will be hosted on AO3 exclusively and as such it is required that participants have an AO3 account. If you do not have an AO3 account, you may request one directly from AO3 or contact the mods so that we may invite you.

Prompt Submission

Prompt submissions for the fest will open on July 14th, 2019 and close on July 28th, 2019.
Your prompt must match the darkfic theme of the fest, and we ask that you do not include specific pairings in your prompt. Please keep in mind that the writer who claims your prompt is free to interpret it in any way they wish ie. they may write content you are not comfortable with. You may submit a maximum of 10 prompts. This is a prompt claim, not an exchange, so you may not include any specifics as to what you want in the fic that go beyond the prompt; for example, you cannot include a prompt and ask for no violence, or request that person A must be a certain member.

In order to submit prompts for the fest, you must fill out the Prompt Form on the sidebar of the collection. Prompt submissions will be anonymous, so please do not uncheck the “semi-anonymous prompt” box!

Here are a few examples of what a prompt submission should look like:

Example 1: Person A is a serial killer who has been stalking Person B for 3 weeks before they finally kidnap them. Person A is both cruel and kind to Person B, and Person B ends up falling in love with Person A. Stockholm syndrome is involved.

Example 2: Person A and Person B are obsessed with each other, have been in love since before they even knew what love was. They’re also siblings.

Example 3: Person A recovers from the trauma of a gang rape.

Example 4: Person A is sold as a slave to Persons B and C, who are noted members of the mafia.

Prompt Claiming

When prompt claiming opens, you may claim a prompt to write a fic for by clicking the “Claim” button under the prompt. After claiming, please fill out this mandatory sign-up form so that mods can confirm your preferred email address along with any other means of contacting you. We will send you a confirmation email after receiving the form and verifying your sign-up, then you may begin writing. Failure to fill out the form will nullify your sign up.

If you complete and submit your first fic, you can claim an unclaimed prompt to write a second fic if you want. You don’t need to fill out the sign-up form a second time, but please shoot us an email letting us know you’ve claimed another prompt so we can anticipate it.

Should you learn about the fest when prompt claiming is already over, we may be able to arrange for you to claim any remaining unclaimed prompts. Shoot us an email, and we can work something out.


You will be expected to write a minimum of 2,000 words for your prompt in the fest. As long as the fic is BTS-centric, the fic can be slash, het, or gen. Crossover pairings/otps are also accepted but BTS/reader fics are not.


There will be two check-ins for the exchange on August 26, 019 and September 23, 2019. For the first check-in, you will be expected to email in a summary of your fic. For the second check-in, we expect 500 words of your fic.

Failure to submit either check-in will lead the mods to assume you have dropped out. We will not hunt you down. If you do not submit your check-in on time or notify us of any issues, you will be removed from the fest.

Dropping Out

While we would prefer no one drop out, real life happens. As such, the deadline to withdraw or drop out of Dark & Wild without penalty is September 23, 2019. If you drop out after this date, you will be banned from participating from future rounds of the fest.

To withdraw or drop out, please contact the mods by email to let us know that you can no longer participate. Our email is darkandwildfest@gmail.com.

Final Submission

The deadline for submitting your final, completed fic is on October 25, 2019. Your final fic must be the mandatory 2,000 words in length. Please note that you can submit your completed fic once you have finished it even it is before the final deadline or check-ins!

When submitting your fic, you must submit a completed fic. If you are posting a chaptered fic, all chapters of the fic must be written and posted.

To post your fic, go to the CLAIMS header in your AO3 profile sidebar. Your prompt will show up there under Dark & Wild Fest 2. Click on the “Fulfill” button to post your fic.

When submitting your fic, we require writers to use the Archive Warnings properly and effectively. It is mandatory, due to the nature of this fic fest, for writers to tag ALL potential kinks and warnings or triggers in your fic under the Additional Tags section. Any content in your fic that could be a trigger or squick for your readers MUST be tagged. Failure to tag for kinks and warnings will lead to your fic being removed from the collection and you will be banned from future rounds.

If you are unsure about what to tag your fic with, feel free to contact the mods and we will be happy to help you out!

If you cannot submit your fic on time and require an extension, please contact the mods AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can work out a new deadline. If you fail to contact the mods to let us know you need an extension or cannot complete the fic, you will automatically be banned from future rounds.

Since this is an anonymous fic fest, we request that writers do not reveal anything about themselves/information that is personally identifying (links to your twitter or tumblr, for example) in their author’s top and/or bottom notes on the fic. We would like everyone to have anonymity throughout the fic fest until reveals, please and thank you.

Posting and Reveals

Posting will commence on October 31, 2019. Fics will be revealed through the Dark & Wild collection and will be promoted on our twitter and tumblr. A running MASTERLIST will be kept on our tumblr as well.

Author reveals will occur once all submitted fic has been revealed on the collection, after which you are allowed to promote your fic on your own personal social media and add in any author’s notes that are personally identifying. You can also crosspost it to your Livejournal, Dreamwidth, AFF, Tumblr, etc. Feel free to change the posting date on your fic on AO3 as well after reveals for some extra exposure for your fic!

And lastly, have fun!