all my homies hate qui-gon

finally the qui-gon hating collection you've always wanted. you can at long last read the fics acknowledging qui-gon as a bad parent without having to sort through so many pro-qui-gon propaganda fics. at long last,,, freedom from looking thru so much stuff. also- this is a master/padawan ships free zone even if they're anti nastyman because just like ew. shits nasty.

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Why is this being made? It's being made because all my homies hate Qui-Gon for at the very best being at least somewhat emotionally abusive and there's just so much pro qui-gon fic to slog through istg



- must be anti- qui-gon
- no master/padawan ships because the dynamic is bad and gross
- please no reylo i don't know how that might happen but this is simply a reylo free zone no reylo allowed