Rusty Kink

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A collection for the Rusty Kink kink meme fills for The Magnus Archives and Rusty Quill generally. Anyone that wants to add fills they posted to AO3 are free to (but not required to) add it to this collection! Unlike the kink meme, this collection is NOT anonymous, so if you do want your fic to be anonymous, you'll need to also add it to an anonymous collection.

The collection as a whole is Do Not Archive, so please do not link the collection itself to the creators. However, this is not intended to apply to any individual work added to the collection. If you want your own work to be Do Not Archive, please add the tag individually as you would to any other fic on AO3.

*Please note: if you have put your fill in an anonymous collection, we will still be able to see your username. While we would never do anything with that information, we do want to make sure anyone who adds a fill is aware.

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