The Magnus Archives Rare Pairs 2020

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Fic and art exchange for The Magnus Archives rare relationships.

Nominations: December 4, 2019-December 18, 2019
Signups: December 19, 2019-January 3, 2020
Assignments Due: February 7, 2020
Work Reveals: February 14, 2020
Creator Reveals: February 21, 2020



How to Nominate:
Go to the tag set

Click “Nominate” at the top right.

Enter the fandom as "The Magnus Archives (Podcast)". You can nominate up to twenty relationships. If you have more to add, let a mod know and we can add them for you, since the limit of twenty is imposed by AO3.

Any relationships other than Jon/Martin qualify as rare pairs for this exchange. (Jon & Martin, platonically, does qualify for this exchange.)

Relationships should be nominated with slashes for romantic relationships and ampersands for platonic relationships, such as “Character A/Character B” or “Character A & Character B” (or “Character A/Character B/Character C” or “Character A/Character B & Character C” to denote A and B in a romance and platonically involved with C or whatever combination thereof with however many characters you want included).

Relationships can be nominated regardless of whether or not they come up in AO3’s popup. Go wild!

Crossover relationships should be nominated in the format “TMA Character/Not TMA Character (Fandom)”. Example: “Elias Bouchard/Jacinto Reth (Campaign (Podcast))".

How to sign up:
You must request three and offer a minimum of four relationships. You can request up to 20. AO3 will only allow ten request slots, but you can put up to two relationships in each request. You will only be required to fulfill one of the ships your person requests.

1) Select the checkbox next to The Magnus Archives under fandoms.

2) Enter one or two relationships you want in the relationship box. They must match what is in the tag set exactly. AO3 will usually, but not always, bring up autocomplete suggestions, but if the thing you want doesn’t come up, just copy+paste it from the tag set.

You can also select “Any Relationship”, which will mean you are requesting anything in the selected fandom. If selecting any, you can’t pick out ships you don’t want – you could be matched with anyone in the exchange.

3) Click one or both of the checkboxes to indicate whether you would like to receive art, fic, or both.

4) A letter is a separate document where you can write prompts you might like. It can be on dreamwidth, tumblr, Google Docs, etc. This is totally optional, but gives you more space than the description box.

5) At a minimum, please include your do not wants and anything you don’t want to receive in the description box. These can be anything from triggers to mild annoyances to specific character headcanons or AUs you dislike. If you do not include them here, the mods cannot enforce them. If you don’t include them, it is assumed you are okay with receiving anything.

Also include any prompts or ideas you might have! General fic or art likes, tropes you enjoy, etc. While the person doing your request is not required to fill a specific prompt, giving general ideas can be very helpful and appreciated and helps your gift be more personalized.

1) Pick the fandom you want, and enter whatever characters or relationships you want to write/draw. If you select “Any Relationship”, you can be matched to anyone who requests that fandom, so be very sure that’s what you intend if you click it.

2) Select whether you will be doing art, fic, or both. If you select both art and fic, there is a chance you will be matched to a person who only requests one of them, in which case you would be required to use that format, so be aware of that.

Fulfilling Requests:
You will be required to either write a fic or create a piece of art that fulfills one of your recipients requested characters or ships. You must respect any do not wants they list, but otherwise following prompts is optional. (But encouraged if they inspire you!) You will be matched on one thing you offer that they requested. However, you do not have to fill the request you matched on, and can fill any of the things they requested if you’d like to do a different one.

Fics should be at least 500 words, and art should, at a minimum, be on clean unlined paper. You can, of course, exceed these minimums.

There are a few ways to post your assignment

1) Go to your assignments page ( and click fulfill next to the request. Then add in your recipient's username next to "Gift this work to".

2) Go to the collection (, click the Post to Collection button, and fill in the “Gift this work to” box with your recipient’s username. Be sure to click the checkbox for “Does this fulfill a challenge assignment” if it is your main gift.

3) You can also just go through the usual post new work page and add in the collection name (tmararepairs2020) to the Post to collections/challenges box, along with the above information.

If you want to post art, ao3 does not currently have the capability to host it, but you can upload on another site (imgur, tumblr draft, etc) and insert it. If you want to make it resize automatically for the page, go to the html and add [img src="insert your image url here" width="100%" /] but using < brackets instead of [.

Treats are entirely optional, but can be a very fun part of exchanges. Treats are when you create an extra gift for someone who is not your official recipient. They can be for anyone who signed up. They do not have to fill the minimum requirements, so feel free to throw sketches or 100 word drabbles at anyone you want if you so desire. To post them, use the post to collection button the same as above, but fill in the recipient’s name and do not click the checkbox that says it fulfills a challenge.

A list of all the requests in the exchange can be found here:


Spreadsheet of all requests here


If for any reason you know you won’t be able to finish your assignment by the due date, please click the Default button on your assignments page ASAP so we can find a replacement for you. There are no penalties for defaulting, but it’s easiest for the exchange if we know as early as possible.