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Stories focused on transgender characters.

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About Trans Stories (trans_stories)

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Trans Fic is a collection for any and all genres and fandoms, about or from the perspective of transgender characters.

If your story fits, please feel free to add it to the collection. Writers of all backgrounds are welcome.



What Counts as Trans*?

A transgender person is one whose gender identity (self-identification as female, male, other or neither) does not match that which has been assigned to them (identification given at birth as male or female). This is regardless of how that person presents in their day to day life or what social, legal, medical or surgical steps they may take with regard to their gender presentation or identity.


What Does NOT Count?

People who dress as the opposite gender for fun, self-expression, performance or sexual expression. (Transvestites, cross-dressers, drag kings/queens.) People who suddenly wake up in a different body. (Gender switch.) Characters portrayed as having always been the opposite gender than their canonical portrayal. (e.g. girl!Rodney McKay or boy!Uhura, aka gender swap.) Two people in one mind. (Bodysharing.)



What is Welcome in the Trans Fic Collection?

  • Stories that predominantly feature transgender characters, including:
    • Canonically trans characters, like Max from The L Word, Orlando from the film of the same name, Dil in The Crying Game or Kitten from Breakfast on Pluto.
    • Canon characters who are "transified" for the purposes of fiction, like Black Soul Choir or Not Paige, Please
    • Original trans characters introduced into a universe to interact with a canon character, like Bright as Rain in the Palm of your Hand.
    • If you're unsure if your trans person is featured strongly enough or if your character qualifies, please just ask!
  • Gen, het, slash and femmeslash stories are equally welcomed.