Comment on Wild Cards

  1. Oh man I love this. I love this so so so much. I've loved this au for a very long time but somehow I love it EVEN MORE in fic form!

    The integration of classic Puzzle Agent mechanics into the narrative was genius! Sorting pictures, recording logs, taking notes, all used to great effect and perfectly in character. It was a fascinating way if introducing Nelson to the Psychonauts as a concept, and highlighting the pretty impossible things Nelson does in game by 'solving puzzles'. The headache hovering over everything raises some flags too, though I can't quite tell if those flags are red yet.

    The crazy dream sequence segueing into Oleander at the door was a masterfully executed injection of Psychnauts more outwardly zanny nature into Nelson's life. The ambiguity of it being something Oleander did on purpose or not helps us empathize with how crazy and off-putting all of this is, and was also hilarious.

    Poor Nelson getting the rug literally pulled out from under him also deserves to be mentioned, because it made me both laugh and feel for the poor battered Nelson Tethers. Thanks so much for posting, and take all the time you need!

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