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  1. Okay, I already love it hahahaha. Rest assured I will not give a damn about some med real or not, it's a story after all. Hahahahaha
    I will surely put an interest how this story will coming.
    I love when changkyun/everyone is on main hehehehe.

    Ahhh where is changkyun? I wanna know it~~~
    Love this author-nim❤️

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    1. Yay! I'm glad you're liking it already. And *phew* glad any medical inaccuracies aren't deterring you from reading this story. And ooh gurl (or boiii), Changkyun/everyone is my jam.

      Just have to wait and see where he is ;)
      Thank you! <3

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      1. Me too!!! Changkyun/everyone is everything hahahaha I'm a gurl tho

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        1. Fo sho. I'm relatively new to Monsta X (like I heard about them two years ago but only in the past year have I listened to them and started watching variety segments they were on). Ever since I heard of the bumpy/rough start with No Mercy, I've felt protective of Changkyun cause he's the maknae and I just hated how much he was treated in the beginning (understandable with the situation but still). So Everyone/Changkyun makes my soul feel at peace lol

          And ok! sorry just always want to make sure I don't assume a reader's identity

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          1. We have same situation then. I also feels like he should be protected, hahahahahaha

            Oh, anyway, I kinda ship changkyun with minhyuk. And I don't know why I ship them. With obviously jookyun or changki or anyone else more famous than that ship.

            Can't wait for the next chapter~~~~❤️❤️❤️

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