Comment on To Rule Them All: A Tale of Middle-earth and the Middle Ages.

  1. OH wow, this is brilliant!! Mordor is by Poland (poor Poland, why is it always them?)! Mirkwood though - problems for all involved really. Though I figure Thranduil and Muhammad could probably come to an agreement about staying out of each other's lands in better circumstances and could live quite ok with their new neighbors. At least the group going to the Lonely Mountain is being cautious. They'll soon find Dale (what is the gold thing they spotted though? I'll have to wait and see, since I can't think of anything). Damn Europe is in for a tough time. The only forces they've ever fought against are their fellow man; they are vastly unprepared to deal with giant spiders, hordes of orcs, and the like. They aren't reading for dwarves, elves, or hobbits either, though other humans being around those races and acting perfectly normal should help with relations. They really will believe the Apocalypse is upon them, especially with the Pope saying so. Ooooh, this is so exciting!

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