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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS!!! IS!!! SO!!! GREAT!!!! :DDDDDD

    Fanboy Deku makes my heart so warm with joy and having this update just made my whole week great. A few things that made me grin very hard: (a) BATMAN mask, (b) the fact that Ikki had both an All Might and a Deku hoodie, (c) Ikki's dad being Inko 2.0 yay for supportive parents, (d) the fact that the rest of Class 1-A is just so used to Midoriya's antics, (e) Class 1-A themed desserts bc I've been baking like crazy this past few weeks and had made some BNHA inspired desserts and now I kind of want to make Pinky Pancakes, (f) Deku being such a good good role model and being kind to his fans :')

    Thanks for sharing your work! I'm so glad I got to start my work week reading this.

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    1. I had to give Ikki an All Might hoodie too! (Even if Ikki prefers Deku) I like to think that All Might is still well-regarded and has a whole fleet of fans, even ten years into the future. The idea that he fades into obscurity without his quirk makes me want to cry.

      And you should absolutely make Pinky Pancakes.

      Thanks for reading and commenting :)

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