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  1. clicked this out of curiosity, thought it was a bit weird but in a good way then completely fell in love and i couldn't stop reading. now i'm sad because there hasn't been an update in 2 months, please tell me you haven't forgotten about this??? i love it so so much and i want more.

    this is just so sweet and endearing i'm so in love with your portrayal of bertl. aaaaa please updateeeee

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, this is my first fanfic, it means a lot to me! I know the idea of a human and a titan being friends is crazy and I confess I seriously thought of deleting the fanfic, but I've been getting so much positive feedbacks that I decided to continue to fanfic to the end.

      Do not worry, I did not forget. Chapter 10 is almost over, and I think I'll post tomorrow. The problem that took me a long time to update is that I had to study for college exams, and most of the subjects are theory, so I did not have much time to write the fanfic.

      Sorry for taking so long, but I'll update as fast as I can, I promise.

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