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  1. "Is he going to slay villains with his glistening, hairless chest? Why the fuck is it glistening?"
    Ewww glistening! I feel like a sex quirk should be illegal on children. Of course Katsuki thinks he can deal with it without adult help

    Katsuki masturbating to younf All Might and Momo was fantastic. His thoughts on Momo's boobs was both hilarious and respectful

    Izuku panicking at Katsuki saying please was perfect.
    Izuku being like "no fucking way" to being accused of having a crush was hilarious

    "Feelings of friendship in his time at Yuuei. Learning to accept them, and finding a way to sometimes show them without feeling like he’s losing an essential part of himself. "
    Really liked that he is still working on how to relate to others

    Shouto is red and white pjs was adorable

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    1. XD I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!!!

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