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  1. Ohhh yep, youre right, answered my blindness questions eheh. But daammmnn madi im sorry. Knowing what i know of season 1, what i remember at least, with tate and the mom and all that, oof.

    And ive got apocalypse recording, gonna watch the first ep tomorrow while doing chores. Never finished the cult season tho, i just couldn't get into it, like at all, then i lost all my recordings and didnt care.

    As for fave stuck between coven and hotel. Actually hotel is my fave then coven. Hotel started out fucked up, but i liked the ending and character development.

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    1. Haha! I do change some things in this story.

      I liked Cult because it was so Evan Peters centric and I do like him a little evil and crazy :P Umm... I was kinda annoyed at the ending. I wish it was ambiguous.

      I heard a lot of not so good things about Hotel, but when I watched it myself, I really liked it. I only wished that there was more James March.

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      1. RIGHT man the casting in hotel was real good!

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