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    This... is so perfect. I love Scott's apprehension about having to be away from his territory for an extended period of time, wanting so badly to protect everyone, and Stiles being there for him and reassuring him. Then how tentative they are with each other, not wanting to ruin their friendship but both feeling the pull of something more between them. And hand holding! *incoherent flailing*

    I think my favorite line is at the pier, when Scott says but even though I know that, it’s like instinct for me to stay, to protect, you know? But… one of the people I need to protect is with me, so the pull isn’t as strong? - that just hit me right in the gut. I love that Stiles is Scott's piece of home. ♥

    You did a beautiful job, dear author, and I thank you for this wonderful gift!

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    1. I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT!!! I was so worried, but thank you so much for your lovely comment. :D I am so so pleased you liked your fic. :) I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

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