Comment on alouette, gentille alouette

  1. Thank you!!! (I looked back at my work and realized I let a good amount of grammatical errors and such slip through so bless you for reading it in full, my goodness.) But yes omg we truly need more of that sweet sweet Aoyama content! Hmm, as far as songs, I feel like Sero would be the type to just like many different genres? Like one minute it's something from the Top 40s and then next it's some Alternative Rock that like, only five people know about and Sero (and now Aoyama) make up the two of the five.

    Lol I feel that about soulmate being annoyed if this were real! My soulmate would have to sit through like, the top hits of the 80s on repeat and it's JUST their chorus because I couldn't be bothered to remember the songs in full lol.

    But anywho, thank you for the kind words!

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