Comment on The You that Never Was

  1. ahsdlfk;hasl;kdfh AAA thank you ;w; I'm so glad I'm getting him right!! Katsuki is such a layered character, and it's been an adventure figuring how he'll turn out while quirkless, especially in this sort of swapped-parents setup. But I'm happy with how things are turning out, both in my notes and in my writing.

    Without running the risk of spoiling, I can honestly say that things will be very different between those two in the bullying department. Their relationship will be no less complicated (especially on Izuku's end), but at the very least, there will be no bully arc, because of how the two develop in this AU and how their family dynamics operate.

    I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I honestly love this AU and even though my updates are slow, I just can't quit it ;w; Hopefully I'll have more regular updates at some point...

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