Comment on Shadowed Dreams

  1. Ok, but the two ways in which you described both Culber and Stamets respectfully in this were insanely beautiful.

    Stamets feels cold compared to the warm life surrounding them, cold and clear, like sunlight trapped in an icicle, just before it is broken into all the color of the rainbow. Focused, contained somehow. And very, very beautiful

    Ugh, that was both accurate and such a BEAUTIFUL way to describe Paul. I'm so in love with that segment. ....and the description of Culber silhouetted in the night, with all that power flowing around him? S t u n n i n g. Powerful, mysterious and yet also comforting. Adore.

    I love that I keep being left with more and more and more questions every time I read, and this chapter really has me yearning even more to learn everything. What is going on? Truly I have absolutely no inclination as to what may be happening or why and I love that, I'm so excited as to where you're going to take us with this.

    I love the little moments that we've had between them of their curiosity of each other, opening up a little more each time. I love that the thought of being comfortable and safe with Hugh has resonated somewhere within Paul in a way he's unsure of how or what that means yet, but it's there none-the-less. I love how this is incredibly introspective for both of them.

    Beautiful, and lord, I cannot wait to read moooooooooooore. Especially now with a cliffhanger!

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