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  1. Are you being serious? Because I’m in love with this idea. Thank you so much, I’ll cry tears of joy.

    So.... here’s hoping I don’t get too rambly....

    As for ‘witch forms’ I never really talk about it because most of the fighting they do is in plain clothes, but I do have an idea.

    Valkyrie is short, 5’0 (crystal teases her for being an imp.) She has pale skin and grey/blue eyes and she wears black frames glasses. Her hair is purple and usually down because it’s just at shoulder length. I see her having a black tank top that flares a bit at the edges and black shorts that come to her knees. Her initial (V) and trim are scarlet. Her shoulder has a scar that flares a bit from her childhood fight with Kota. And her boots are scarlet to match the trim, but with minimal heel.

    Crystal is tall in comparison. 5’10. (May have based her on a friend height wise.) She has wavy brown hair that comes just below her shoulders, with a braided strand. Her eyes are green and piercing. She has slightly tanned skin and she has a necklace with a white gem in the center. Hers is more of a skirt with leggings and a collar behind her, no cape. It’s sort of an off-White grayish color like her gem. Her leggings, initial (C), trim, and boots are sort of a beige color.

    Morgan is slightly taller than her cousin. (5’4”) In her Winx Form, she has long, dirty blonde hair pulled back in a high ponytail with a dark pink flower hair bow. Her pointed ears (elfin) show. Her eyes are amber in color. Her top is a dark green halter top with fringe around her midriff. The skirt is dark green and not quite a mini skirt but it’s not too long either.... her boots are ankle boots, but with a wedge heel and dark green in color. Her wings are sort of dragonfly based, the main portion of them is dark pink but the tips are dark green.

    Thank you, again.... let me know when you’ve made them and where they’re posted! I’m excited!

    Just.... bless you.

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