Comment on Sartorial Sentiments

  1. eyyyyy another Garyyy fic

    omg he's such a good guy? like wow
    also Gary bundling up the suit had me laughing like that entire scene was great
    hes such a lost cause and i love him so much.


    thank you so much for this little fic i adore this series. :D
    pleasure to have read this before bed :'D

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    1. Alas I'm traveling so I won't have another Gary based fic until sometime after the 15th. The next part is going to be a bit longer/take more work :P

      Yeah, just not going to be suave with a tux. Not Gary's style, lol.

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      1. oh thats so soon~!?
        i patiently wait for more fun with GAry's american adventure either way

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        1. Next bit of Gary's (mis)adventures are up.

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