Comment on Hair

  1. I like that Sandor likes the touch even though his first choice for touching is a bit different. I've read enough headcanons on tumblr to have my own sense of how Sandor would enjoy Sansa fawning over him, especially if they were married for several months.

    As for the dom/sub stuff, I've spoken to a few different ficwriters about how we think Sandor and Sansa would each enjoy taking turns on who was in charge. I think Sandor would enjoy feeling trusted and manly by having his way with Sansa, but I think he would also enjoy her being in control, knowing that she had the power to leave at any moment. I can also imagine it gets a bit tiring being the uber-masculine one all the time. Seems like he would enjoy the break from it.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! As you already know, it was nerve-wracking trying to pull it together.

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