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  1. Ooooh, we starting in the middle of the action, are we? Honestly, not bad - The tags really interested me, and I want to see what you guys do with them as soon as possible.

    You mentioned an 'aesthetic' (which I guess includes her hobbies?) but isn't that true for most reader/character fics? It's hard to find something that would fit every possible reader, so I don't think you have to justify that.

    I also quite liked the first few sentences. They felt like something a journalist would write, I think.

    Anyway, thank you! :) I hope my comment feeds you and gives you all the nutrients to keep writing!

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    1. Hi TansyPoisoninig!

      That a little preview of what's about to come. There will be more tags coming as we don't want to give too much away, but they will be put up with enough warning. We're super glad you're interested.

      Sophiria and I had a few, really long conversations about using an aesthetic and being open about it. We've both seen some dramas about these kinds of things, and whilst not everyone will always be happy, we wanted to be upfront about it so that there was so backlash. I'm really sensitive about that kind of thing despite having a career in being critiqued. Thank you though, it makes me personally feel a lot better about it.

      We enjoyed your delicious cupcakes with a scrummy cup of tea, we are nourished and have spent the morning brainstorming. So thank you! Honestly, these comments really spur me on, I'd probably give up otherwise.

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    2. What a nice comment, thank you! And yes, you are indeed right about the 'aesthetic' :)

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