Comment on Different Futures

  1. I can't believe I found this story so late, but I am glad I did come across it now. I seriously love Lesol, so thank you for writing for them even though this was kinda Hyerin centric? It was something new and unique, so I enjoyed reading every bit of this. It was so interesting how you used time traveling within dreams and then how you kinda showed the events that went along the different dreams was so smooth. During the end, even I felt betrayed in a way, it shows that different POV's really can change up a story. We saw Hani's and Junghwa's story and how that lead Hyerin on, but then Le and Solji shared their side of story. So at that moment even I was like "okay, who's good and who's bad?!!?" Lol I think you did an amazing job writing this, I hope to read more Lesol from you hopefully? (I saw you had two more fics, I'll get to those soon as well^^)

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