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  1. This is a delight, Regulus has always had a special place in my heart and not nearly enough love. I live for good Black sibling content, and Andromeda is So Good.
    (I'm also slightly betrayed that Ted's sending him the books in that order, no Ted, no, not chronologically, they must be read in the release order!)

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    1. Thank you. Regulus has a special place in my heart too and it really is a struggle to find good fanfiction with him in it. And I'm glad that the scenes between Sirius and Regulus are good, I haven't really written Sirius before now so I was worried I would get everything wrong. Andromeda is very good, she is the best of the best. She's kind of taken it upon herself to parent her cousins because Walburga and Orion are doing such a crappy job and she's doing a smashing job.

      Anyway... *clears throat* Ted you heathen! (but also I've always read them chronologically, though I understand that it's better in release order)

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