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  1. Yeah, it's definitely a critique of a common yuribait trope, which Precure itself has a very mixed record with. Max Heart and Mahoutsukai averted it completely, while KiraPre and Huggto played it entirely straight (...pun not intended, but appropriate). Fresh itself had a much more ambiguous ending in that regard, and I get the sense that was deliberate. This fic is also sort of about preemptively disambiguating that ending!

    Love means exactly what she said! And poor Setsuna cannot handle that at all.

    I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!

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    1. Ahaha I guess I should clarify, when I was talking about Precure subverting common tropes I meant the typical "sporty loud girl vs. shy girl" theme, because I feel like the quieter girls in Precure usually come with a lot of underlying depth and even a lot of the sporty ones are cynical more than stereotypically genki (Nagisa, Rin). It absolutely has a more mixed track record when it comes to what you're talking about in specific, though!

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