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  1. Bwahaha! Bless fanart! First time ever that I saw One Piece I was convinced that Zoro and Nami were dating or on the verge of starting a relationship considering how much they fought and argued like a couple. But on LaNa - Tbh I was inspired to write a fic (it's a WIP rn) for the them by you cos there IS a noticeable lack of fanfics for this beautiful ship; especially pre-timeskip!
    Anywho *bows in apology for the long ass review* I can't wait to see more of this! ^3^

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    1. Fanart is beautiful and evil at the same time. Ooooo, I'll love to read your fic if you ever post it! Any addition to the LawNa fanfic pool is welcome! And yes, more pre-timeskip Law and Nami action please!

      I love long-ass reviews, so never feel bad for posting one. I'm glad to see people are responding so positively to my idea!

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