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  1. I just lost my long ass comment.... Okay trying again.

    I wish I would've done a reaction video to this chapter because omg what a ride. My reactions were pretty much like this:

    -aww this is the content I signed up for

    -wha....? Wtf Kaminari! Just because yesterday I was talking about liking bicycle Kami doesn't mean I wanted this!!

    -....well you got me there. Dammit Kami literally NO ONE is going to get that. You idiot! Why do I love you?

    -are you kidding me right now? Can you just oh I don't know leave him alone maybe? He's been through enough!

    -oh. Wait he's in. Holy shit he's in. Dammit that was a dirty trick!!! Why would you do this?!? After all he's been through!

    -Mirai is amazing omg. She's like a much /much/ smarter Kaminari. I stan her.

    -my heart hurts. Dammit Kami why are you so stupid?

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    1. RIP to your comment--and I'm very glad you went through the trouble of re-documenting your feelings! This chapter was a ride for sure, and you had every reaction I'd hoped for and more. <3 Kami is a disaster bi!!!

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