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  1. Oh yeah! Loving the Daddy!Gabe (and his main snuggle Tom) 😍💕. The way he gets advice from Cas and Sam on parenting is adorable. He's trying so hard to be a good parent.
    Wow - Papa and Daddy are making a Dean Cave! (although he has to share the game room area with his brothers), it's an awesome thing for them to do for Dean and Michael. 🥰 a Love Nest of their own.
    And OMG that was Dean letting Michael take his Baby! Never thought I'd see the day that would happen! It must be true love 💞
    So very happy to see this story!!!!

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    1. Vegas Granny! Yay you are here. ❤️

      I can’t wait to write some Daddy Gabe and Papa Cas chats about parenting! Won’t that be fun?

      And yeah, some Tom/Gabe 😍

      Lol, a Dean Cave, love that! Oh yeah, there are going to be some antics surrounding the sharing of that shared space.

      Yeah, Dean just... tossed him the keys, even I was surprised 😱


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