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  1. Lecturing about public sex is a bold move for a couple who got caught getting frisky in a car on Halloween some years ago, good thing Dean doesn’t know about that one 😉
    I love watching the relationships here grow now that they’re out of the life threatening danger zone. Michael as a rebellious teenager is hilarious and it looks like he might be getting the hang of finessing his rebellion to avoid major trouble. Wonder how he’ll cope if Tom and Gabriel eventually come clean and he’s gets double the Angel Dad to contend with.
    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading about the characters you’ve created, I love them!

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    1. Hahahaha, yes! But knowing Cas, he would tell Dean that's exactly why he's warning them about sex in public places -- they were caught by the police! And it's just why they didn't really get in trouble for it... Papa gave them their own Sex Cave, kinda! LOL

      Yeah, as much fun as it was to write their relationship in the 'danger zone', I'm enjoying writing the growth of it now. That's such a good way to put it, he's finessing his rebellion, LOL.

      Wouldn't that be fun, Michael with double Angel Dads? ;) ;) ;)

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying these characters so much.

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