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  1. Yay! Michael being a teen! Papa Gabriel! Gabriel and Tom! I stopped the Hurricane Dorian preparations to read this through. Because, you know, priorities!
    I’m really proud of Dean coming clean. Papa would have ended up making the twins talk anyway.
    And while I don’t recall ever asking to see a spanking, I just might need to see that alleged Grandpa Clyde/Dean spanking. I’m not sure I believe it happened. Grandpa spanking his favorite??

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    1. OMG, I am still over here worrying about you! Are you okay, my friend? Love you <3

      Ha, but I do think it's hilarious that you stopped all preparations to read this, AND to comment (!!!!)

      I knew it soon as I wrote it I would get some, "Um, heeeeeeey Mock, we need to see that spanking!" LOL I do think that's an important one to see though, we haven't seen Dean spanked by Grampa yet, and he has been before this time, I've just not written it. But this one was big, BIG! He got himself into a life-threatening situation *yikes* so Grampa felt he had to do his Grampa Winchester thing. He really didn't want to though, but he felt it necessary.

      I will write it for you ;)

      I'm hoping it will somehow fit into this story. There will be a few sorta, "flashback" kinda moments in the beginning.

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      1. I think we will miss most of the storm so don’t worry. I am worried about Charleston and Georgia coast though. Hope everyone stays safe.

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