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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the gift and I’m thrilled I got to be part of your celebration!

    We’ve seen her have to face Valtor and the Company many times.... but we seldom see her have to face herself. I figured it’d add a little pain.

    And Faragonda does love Griffin.... the witch just.... doesn’t feel she deserves any of it.

    The ending is open to interpretation. What choice do YOU think she made?

    (Honestly I’m not even sure what choice she made. Both had good and bad outcomes.... so...)

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    1. Well, it's hard to say but tbh I'm leaning a little bit more towards her choosing to go with him. I just... Idk but the way she just looked at him and thought "dragons have mercy on her" makes me think she will go with him. And I'm happy about it but I also realize what a terrible choice that is. Not that the other one is any better tbh. Not for her anyway.

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      1. Who knows? Maybe her teaming up with him again will... soften him up? Like he promised? Maybe?

        (I have no idea.)

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